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Draper's Eight

...and when Allison enters Don's office on Monday, she takes a stunned look around and then yells to the office that they've been robbed. Poor dear -- I'll miss her! She must have come a long way, considering I didn't even remember her name for the longest time.

When Pryce arrives, Hooker unsurprisingly has Powell on the phone for him. Pryce cheerfully greets him, and when Powell asks what the hell is going on, Pryce smugly tells him he thinks it should be perfectly clear. Powell is apoplectic with rage: "You're fired. You're fired for costing this company millions of pounds. You're fired for insubordination. YOU'RE FIRED FOR LACK OF CHARACTER!" Pryce: "Very good! Happy Christmas!" Again, HA! Pryce then calls Hooker back in and, giving him a card, tells him he's been sacked and to please put his things into storage at the given address. Hooker asks what's happened, and Pryce jovially replies that he's a "sharp boy," and he'll figure it out. Especially when he tries to find the files for American Tobacco.

As men in the background install extra phone lines, Joan is giving the layout for the suite they've rented: Peggy and Pete will share the desk (ahem), they'll get a table in for Don where the couch is, Media will be in the bedroom, and I'll interrupt myself to make a comment about how Media deals get closed if we weren't talking about Harry here. Actually, it's perfectly logical, as that's where the TV is, but it doesn't stop Roger from adding, "Accounts gets the bed." Just as long as Jane doesn't visit. Joan adds that clients are never ever to come to the hotel, much less the suite, and then the phone rings, causing Joan to smile at how quickly the business is starting. However, after she answers the phone with a sunny "Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce," her face falls: "Yes, Harry. It's Room 435." Heh. Roger shakes his head like he knows who gets fired first if the new regime falls on hard times.

Back at SC, there's a cluster of people around a distraught Allison: "He didn't leave a note. Nothing." Ken then joins them and says he talked to John Deere, and Pete tried to poach them Saturday. Surprising to hear that Pete went after one of Ken's clients, given that that could have blown up the secret operation, but he must have been desperate to get to that magic number. I smell a Campbell of unknown ethnic origin on the way! Also, is Ken that highest-ranking person left at the company? That's going to be some cold water for PPL. When Ken adds that Pete must have gone with Don (presumably they don't even know about Bertram and Roger yet), Paul gets a horrible thought and opens the door to Peggy's office to find it in the same state as Don's. He seethes, "Dammit!" If this is the end for this character, I will miss Michael Gladis. Still: HA!

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