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The office is set up and working away, as Don's typing something himself and Pete is on the phone with one of the accounts talking logistics. This makes me realize another irony -- after PPL employed all these cost-cutting measures to streamline SC for the big sale, the core bunch ended up defecting to run an operation that could only be cheaper were it run out of a cardboard box. But one other thought: I mentioned in the recaplet that the new firm will need an art director, hoping that could be the way they get Sal back, but one of my clearer-thinking friend pointed out that they'll never be able to do that as long as they're linked to American Tobacco and Lee Garner Jr. Sigh. Anyway, Trudy then bustles in with a large box containing lunch for everyone, and probably not coincidentally, they're all thrilled to see her. Don gets a look on his face...

...and goes in to tell Harry about lunch being delivered. Once he scampers off, though, we get the real reason for Don's pensive face, as he closes the door...

...and calls Betty. He takes a long moment to identify himself, and she in turn is silent, so he goes on that he's not sure where he's staying, but he's working out of the Pierre. He then tells her that he's not going to fight her, and this causes her face to twitch a little before she thanks him. He adds, without venom, that he hopes she gets what she always wanted, and she in turn tells him that he'll always be the kids' father. The pain of the end plays over his face for another long moment before he softly says okay, and then they each say the word "Goodbye," which they seem to mean in the permanent sense. Of course, as amazing as she's been I can't really see January Jones being written off, and the kids provide a link between them, but obviously the story doesn't support Betty being a day-to-day part of the show at the moment. We'll see where things are when they start the fourth season. Don hangs up and stares at the phone for a moment...

...and then we cut to him going back into the main room. He looks around at everyone fussing over lunch to see that Pryce has arrived, and brightly asks him how his morning was. Pryce replies that it was very productive indeed, and Don smiles big as he watches his new family. Roy Orbison's "Shahdaroba" kicks up... Betty, Baby Gene in her lap and Francis next to her (not that his presence is strictly needed, but he does keep babbling about taking care of her and whatever, and it would be a strain for her to do all this on her own with the baby in tow), flies out to Reno...

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