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...while at night out in Ossining, Carla takes care of the kids. I'd say that's cold for them, but they'd probably rather spend Christmas with Carla than anyone else at the moment. Still, Betty, you couldn't wait a couple weeks?

Don arrives at a brownstone apartment building that apparently houses his new digs. We watch from across the street as he heads to the door, and that's it for the season. And while it was certainly my least favorite season on balance (which is obviously all relative because it's such a great show), the finale seems to have rectified my biggest complaint, which is that too much focus was given to Ossining and not nearly enough to SC or the people therein. Also, I'm really impressed they were able to take the pieces from not just last week's shattering episode, but from a very fractious season, and reconstitute them into something new and wholly exciting. And while I hate to have to wait so long for the next season, you have to figure they're using every moment they have to make it as good as possible. Thanks for reading and hope to see you next year!

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