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Draper's Eight

Cut to Bertram and Don entering Roger's office, giving the last a much-welcomed excuse to get off the phone with his wife. Upon hearing the news, Roger's like, "From one john's bed to the next. What a joke!" Well, at least the price has been right. Bertram advances the idea of buying the company back, but Roger, looking askance at Don, offers, "And now you're sniffing around because I have a golden pork chop dangling from my neck." Heh. Don says it's more than that, and tries to point out that Bertram's done for should they go to McCann, but Roger's like, oh please, you're not doing this for Bertram. "I want to see what you look like with your tail between your legs." He should have been around the Draper household two episodes ago. Bertram, however, isn't interested in silently waiting to see if he's going to be collateral damage in Don and Roger's petty war: "You sold your birthright so you could marry that trollop!" Not wrong by any stretch, but it's hard to disagree with Roger when he replies that their pitch could use some work. Although I could listen to Robert Morse say "trollop" all day and night.

Roger adds that he's not giving up the fortune he got just because Don doesn't want to work at McCann, and when Don asks if he actually wants to go there, he snits that they don't value his work any less that Don does. Don, however, is ready to eat some humble pie, saying that he learned from his experience with Connie that he was wrong -- he can sell ideas, but he's not an Accounts man. He adds that he values his relationship with Roger, but while you can see that those are words Roger's been dying to hear even as he tries to denigrate the sincerity of same, he still says that he's fine with being deemed redundant if that's what's in the cards. "There's a deck chair somewhere with my name on it." And an astronomical bar tab as well. Bertram, however, shows that he's come to play as he takes it to another level, saying that if Roger's lost his appetite he should retire and just play golf, and it happens to people all the time. However, he adds the words, "in three years," and then trails off with hilariously wide eyes while pointing to the ground, and Robert Morse is always brilliant but he's a tour de force in this episode. Also, it's kind of wicked to use death as a motivator to a man who's already suffered one heart attack, which is probably why I like the approach so much. Roger's like, that's your pitch? "Join or die?" It's a step up from calling your wife a tart, don't you think? Don urgently tells Roger they have to try, and finally Roger cuts him a break: "So you do want to be in advertising after all." That's one, Don. You've got a lot of work left, though, and I hope you won't mind me making some popcorn for it.

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