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We hear Christmas music as the kids are in front of the TV with Betty sitting at the kitchen table when Don arrives home. Betty sends the children upstairs immediately, and Don asks, "You want me to go too?" Get those in while you can. Betty doesn't respond, instead getting Don to join her and telling him that she's made an appointment with a divorce attorney, and suggesting he do the same. An expression of shock appears on Don's face for a moment, but he shrugs it off and tries to condescend to her, which is not his best approach in my opinion. He suggests she see a shrink again, as she's had a tough couple of weeks, but she's way past being trifled with at this point: "I've had a tough year. I felt I should tell you rather than just let you get a phone call at work." Probably best, considering they wouldn't even know where to call soon enough. Giving up the belittling approach, Don snaps that he's not going to let her break up the family, but she understandably denies responsibility for that, and when she's gone from the room, Don looks pensive and afraid...

...before we cross-fade to the SC lobby the next day, and if things shake out as it seems they will it's nice of them to give us one last look around. Upstairs, Pryce comes into Bertram's office to see the three partners seated in an array waiting for him, and since Bertram is so awesome this episode it only seems right that he get to say the episode title. Roger informs Pryce that they know about McCann buying PPL, but after a bit of reflexive denial, Pryce sighs and admits that SC is indeed being sold, but they're wrong about PPL being part of the deal. I have the feeling he's going to pout something fierce when he learns the truth. Bertram says they'd like to buy back the company at a twelve percent markup from the original purchase price, but Pryce tells them they got more than that from McCann, although he declines to tell them how much more.

Actually, whatever number he thinks it went for is irrelevant, considering he obviously doesn't nearly know the entire scope of the deal, but regardless, he apologizes that they had to find out this way, adding that it wasn't his decision, and that last bit certainly won't be argued by anyone. Pryce stands and tells the disappointed threesome that he's truly enjoyed working there, and when he's gone, Roger bright-sides that they've only got him for a year and Don for three (less for both of them now, I suppose), and they'll make another go of it in the future. But building the accounts up from nothing will be difficult enough that it renders his words hollow, and the expression on Don's face suggests he knows that. Not that he smiles all that much as a general rule, but still.

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