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"I Demand Satisfaction!"

Lane's just headed to the partners' meeting himself when he gets a frantic call from his wife and he takes the agitation along with him into the conference room, wherein, after unceremoniously excusing Joan, he announces that "your activities" cost them the account and him his friend, as Rebecca just got off the phone with an hysterical Mrs. Hunt. Roger wonders why Edwin would have said anything, to which Lane barks, "Because he was caught with chewing gum on his pubis!" And... she had occasion to see it? I mean, at his age, I wouldn't have thought Edwin would have even attempted another go-round without some serious rest. Everyone (save Bertram, natch) cracks up, which only serves to make Lane hotter under the collar, but Pete ignores any warning signs and takes great pleasure in informing Lane that the whole excursion was Edwin's idea: "He didn't ask you because he thinks you're a homo." Hmm, I didn't jump to that conclusion -- I thought it more likely that he just thought Lane was too much of a stuffed shirt for brothels -- but maybe Edwin said something during the off-screen time his mouth happened to be free. Lane seethes that he can't believe he's put in the hours helping Pete "become the monster you've become," but Pete, back in his scoring-points-off-Lane mode, laughs that he doesn't even know what Lane does around there: "As far as I can tell, our need for you disappeared the day after you fired us." What can I say, I don't buy him stepping this far out of line, but I've said my piece and now I can enjoy what this all has been in aid of. For you see, Lane removes his jacket, prompting Roger and Don both to lean forward in possibly unwitting anticipation and then Lane informs "Mr. Campbell" that they are going to "address that insult." My god, how amazing this was on first viewing. Still is, but the thrill of anticipation was pretty much unparalleled on this show. Pete asks Lane if he's kidding, but Lane informs him that he's a "grimy little pimp" (hee) and when he raises his fists, it'll be too late to run. Pete throws a look that's part disbelief, part "help me out here," but the other three partners know that this is going to have to play out, even Bertram, although he predictably looks the least happy about it. With no respite in sight, Pete angrily gets to his feet, as do Don and Roger, the latter saying he supposes they should do something, "but am I the only one who wants to see this?" Roger, we don't have time to count up millions of no votes, so please shut up and let them get on with it. Don helpfully draws the conference-room draperies as dukes go into the air; both of them, unsurprisingly given their origins, have learned something about pugilism and while Pete lands the first couple punches, Lane's height and weight advantage result in him being the first to draw blood and Pete looks positively shaken at how real shit just got. Nonetheless, no quarter is asked or given...

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