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"I Demand Satisfaction!"

Lane (I don't know why I've stuck to calling him by his surname these many episodes, but uncle!) appears in the Pryce living room in his dressing-gown, causing Rebecca consternation, as she's dressed to go out and is literally hopping up and down with anticipation. Lane assures her that the first half of a soccer (he says "football," of course, but let's use our native lingo) game is "just flirting," as if that isn't fun, but Rebecca tells him that she'd like to get to the pub and enjoy an afternoon with their friends, adding an implication that he could stand to socialize more. He counters that the friends in question are hers -- and recent ones at that -- and adds that he's not a big football or pub person "and I hate this business of bringing England over in pieces! It's strictly for the homesick." Well, I'm not going to judge that sentiment on its merits, but given how miserable Rebecca was when she first came to New York and the fact that she left him to return to England, Lane, I think you're being a little unfair in begrudging her a social outing with some other Brits. But this episode is partly about women ruining men's fun, so I suppose we have to accept this conflict as fair and genuine. Rebecca -- who by the way is sticking to expressing enthusiasm for the idea of going out without letting any pissiness at Lane leak into the sentiment -- counters that everyone there will be immigrants, like them, prompting Lane to sigh, "How lovely your face becomes when you tell me you need something." To be fair, the words are said with a conciliatory smile, but I still can't say I find that comment particularly complimentary. She's not offended, though, merely countering in the same tone that she'd be happy if he'd merely pretend to have a good time and he agrees to that bargain... which point we get an ironic smash cut to him whooping it up at the top of his lungs. It's because England just won the World Cup, but still: Hee. Also, as esteemed reader @shegunner pointed out to me, Lane and his friend with whom he shares a celebratory embrace are wearing hats decorated with the UK flag, but it was actually England alone that won the Cup (you can see it in this write-up of the '66 World Cup); however, her further research reveals that the UK flag was used almost exclusively among English people in the '60s. Anyway, the point is that no one is faking having a good time here and they all break into a rousing, beery rendition of "God Save The Queen"...

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