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Dawn buzzes Don with the news that she "finally" has Trudy on the line and Don picks up and tells her he's got bad news, to which he gets this sunny reply: "No, you don't." HA HA HA! How I love her. She adds that they're building the whole evening around him, which I guess is as neat an explanation as any of why Harry isn't invited and he's welcome to run down his list of excuses so she can individually refute them, but if he's really going to cancel, they'll just reschedule. "It's going to happen. And I promise you'll have a good time." Having met his match, Don can only get off a crack about Pete ("It's too bad your husband can't close a deal like this") before Trudy tells him seven-thirty and goes back to feeding the baby, not even aware how impressive a feat she just pulled off. Don's wry, resigned grin, however, tells all.

In the (apparent) high school in which the Driver's Ed class is being held, Pete is admiring the trophy case (probably recalling his days as a coxswain, heh) when that girl from earlier joins him. After some talk about how the scare movies they're forced to watch are "gruesome," she wonders why Pete doesn't have a license (the "at your age" is so obvious it's impossible to take offense) and he smiles with nostalgia as he says he grew up in Manhattan and it never seemed necessary. As someone who only got his license at 35, I'll stand up for Pete here, but they don't dwell on that topic, instead moving on to how the girl's parents might not even let her go to college, what with the sniper attack that day at the University of Texas, a mere two weeks after the student-nurse thing in Chicago. "Things seem so random all of a sudden and time feels like it's speeding up." Pete agrees with that assessment, as well he might given how seasonally thematic it is, but when the girl mentions she used to enjoy going to the Botanical Gardens, Pete oh-by-the-ways that his family donated some of that land and they should go sometime. "We'd be VIPs." Thinking she's playing along, the girl asks who would drive, but when Pete says they'd take turns and "give each other lessons," the realization that he might be serious hits her like, if you'll forgive me, a car crash. Fortunately, the unseen instructor calls an end to their break, so she heads back to class, with Pete watching her go. Pete, don't you already have a child?

Don is pouring himself a finger or four of rye, possibly to deal with the new addition of a rainbow-colored lampshade to their living room, as he calls to Megan inquiring as to Ken's wife's first name. Megan can't remember, even though Mrs. Hargrove sent her "the nicest thank-you card" after the party, which I take to mean it included no reference to the entertainment. She then asks why Don never wears the sport coat she got him, but Don's too busy draining his bar to answer and when Megan suggests he slow down, Don tells her he's timing it for when they arrive. "I want to hit the doorbell with my chin." Heh. As usual, Megan puts a playful spin on a subject about which she actually cares, wondering if there's any chance Don could have a good time with another couple as friends. While Don isn't overly interested in the discussion, he does give up his drink upon being told that he's driving. Probably for the best, if he doesn't want to end up watching Signal 30 with Pete.

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