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Goodbye, Norma Jean

...and then Freddy's secretary buzzes to tell him that Sal, Peggy, and Pete are there. Freddy offers them a drink, but Sal is the only taker, and even he signals for a scaled-down size. The reason for the meeting is that people from Samsonite are on their way over for a pitch, so they're going to do a quick run-through. Pete goes through the order, although Peggy tosses in a correction that came from Don. Pete also tells them that "Jeff Harding's wife" just had a baby, and Sal asks if it's a boy or a girl. Pete, thinking that's a suggestion for the meeting: "That's good!" HA! He just always gets the best throwaways. I would actually keep him around just for that. Freddy hands Sal enough brown liquid for his entire department, and the way Bryan Batt stares at the massive shot is pure genius. Hee. Freddy, competently enough, gives his part of the pitch, but puts his own spin on things by pissing his pants right in front of everyone. From Pete's stunned reaction, I'm guessing he's not a big fan of improv. Sal cracks up, which is surely not helping but is probably what I'd do, too, but Peggy looks uncertain and Pete is definitely not amused, particularly when Freddy follows up by passing out on his desk. After a long moment, Sal asks, "Is he dead?" Again, probably what I would do. Pete scornfully says he passed out, but his eyes go wide with fear when Freddy's girl buzzes that the Samsonite people are now at Reception. Peggy assures her they'll be right there, and the Emergency Damage Control team is deployed, with Pete saying they're out from Colorado, and he could possibly book them another night at the hotel. Peggy thinks she should run in to Don, but Pete says that's not necessary, and Sal is actually the one who comes up with the obvious solution when he says that Peggy can handle the pitch on her own. After a moment, she steels herself and assures Pete that will be fine, and that they'll just say that Freddy's sick. Committing to the plan, Pete sets the details -- he'll greet the team while Peggy and Sal go to the conference room and act like they've been waiting, and on the way, they should tell Freddy's girl that the meeting's canceled. "I don't want him wandering in." At least the sloshing sounds will give you some warning. Pete starts to head out, but stops for a moment to look at Freddy and call him disgusting. Peggy: "There's no need for that." Pete leaves, and then Sal and Peggy exchange a look, like, "Who's going to be the man about this?" I'll leave it to you to guess who asks Freddy's girl, "Can I speak to you for a minute?"

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