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Goodbye, Norma Jean

I don't know if Betty only had the one glass of wine, but she's asleep when the doorbell rings. On the plus side, the couch looks dry from here. Betty calls for Carla, but there's no reply, so she, with a little couple little coughs of her own that I didn't notice on first viewing, gets up and makes her way to the door. I was hoping it would be Francine, since we've seen precious little of her this season, but it's actually Sarah Beth, Betty's riding buddy. Betty lets her in, claiming she forgot she was coming, and explaining her disheveled appearance by saying she's not feeling well, an excuse she also uses to back out of a social commitment that she "and Don" were supposed to go to that night. Sarah Beth is bummed, as her husband "has to work these things," and she doesn't know whom she can talk to, but Betty leads her upstairs to borrow a dress, which is why she came over in the first place. Upstairs, after Sarah Beth notes the disarray and assumes that Betty was in bed, Betty presents her with a few choices. Sarah Beth then asks if she thinks she'll be feeling better by their Thursday lunch date, and while Betty says she's looking forward to it, her face looks more like she's going to put "come up with good excuse to cancel" on her list between "clean the gutters" and "go to the dump." Sarah Beth, after halfheartedly checking out some of Betty's offerings, sits down and says she feels invisible at these things, and while "Raymond" is sweet and easy to please, she's bored. What's more, she saw Arthur having a fight with his fiancée Tara, and she's been having "ridiculous" dreams about him since. Betty thinks Sarah Beth shouldn't talk to Arthur so much, but then adds, "It's a switch you can flip on and off, you know." Sarah Beth is intrigued, but misses what's behind Betty's statement, speculating that she doesn't even think about infidelity. "Don's perfect." Betty then says she's not feeling well, and after hearing that her friend thinks of her lying, philandering husband as perfect, an image she no doubt helped build in her mind, I don't think she's making up excuses anymore. Sarah Beth takes a couple choices from Betty's collection, and leaves.

Freddy's now on his couch, so it looks like Freddy's girl and possibly Peggy helped him to a more comfortable position. If that's true, Sal's really a wuss for bailing. He comes to, and I'm not sure how much time has passed, but it looks like his pants are still wet, a fact he notes with some chagrin...

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