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Goodbye, Norma Jean

...and moments later, he leaves, ever-so-subtly shielding his groin area with his briefcase and coat. The girls watching probably wonder if he's just turned on, but given that it's Freddy I doubt he'd even think to cover that up. Also, his shoes slosh on the way out, a fact I had forgotten (at least consciously) when I wrote that earlier joke. Gotta get up early to stay ahead of this show.

Joan's lying on a couch in a darkened office when Roger enters. After he obligatorily hits on her, she asks what he's doing there: "It's 4:30. You're supposed to be sitting in a bar somewhere waiting for Boston Edison." Heh. Joan is likely resting because of her pregnancy, which surely isn't helping her emotional state, but she's also upset about Marilyn, as she sighs, "She was so young." Roger can't believe she's bummed too, and Joan replies, "Yes, I'm just another frivolous secretary." Roger didn't quite mean it that way, but he opines that she was a stranger, being entirely, if understandably, unaware of the magnitude of the effect her death would have on Americans everywhere. Joan starts to leave, simply saying that a lot of people did in fact feel like they knew her, and he should be sensitive to that. He stops her, assuring her that she's not like Marilyn, but his levity prompts a sharp response: "This world destroyed her." Roger opines that she had everything and she threw it away, but Joan, with a quiet air of prophecy, softly replies, "One day, you'll lose someone who's important to you. You'll see. It's very painful." Given how well she knows him, it's no surprise that Roger looks a little thrown, and she leaves him to contemplate her rather haunting words.

Don returns to the house with the kids, apparently having taken them out for dinner or some such. As he looks balefully at his wife, Sally asks if Betty is "feeling better," and she says she is before sending them up to bed. Bobby, still a little young to have cottoned on, complies, but Sally turns to Don and pleadingly notes that he just got back. "And now you're leaving again?" Ouch, painful. Don promises her it will go by in a flash, but Sally starts to cry as she hugs him big and long, and Betty stands uncomfortably, knowing she's going to be perceived as the bad guy here eventually. Don assures "Salamander" (aw) that it won't be that long, and she finally heads up the stairs. Don tells Betty about Sally's call to the office, and while Betty postures that it's not her fault and that she didn't want them involved in this, Don of course has a point when he says that's impossible, and that they're going to have to tell the kids something eventually. He asks her what she wants, but he, she, and everyone else watching knows the answer already, which is an admission of guilt, which will not be forthcoming. He says if her mind's made up, he's not going to talk her into it, and she pounces on that like a hungry lion on a wounded gazelle: "I thought you can talk anyone into anything!" She follows that by staring him down, and he looks baldly shocked to see that her anger has deepened into full-on contempt, that the woman he married, who adored and cherished him just like a little girl, is gone. She bids him good night, and he skulks his way back to the Roosevelt.

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