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Goodbye, Norma Jean

Don enters his office and orders coffee and a bear claw from Jane, and then notices a shopping bag by his desk. She tells him that she thought he could use a few more shirts in his rotation, and after a moment, he thanks her. "Submit your receipt." He makes it sound so dirty! Jane starts to leave, but turns back to tell Don that Paul said she's to drag him, if necessary, to the blood drive. Don, starting to take a shine to her despite his best efforts not to, asks if she's a fainter, and she says no. "But I might cry after." She sounds better suited for Harry than Ken, then.

Peggy's typing away when Freddy somewhat sheepishly comes in to see her. After she tells him that Samsonite loved the pitch, he apologizes for putting her "in that spot." As it were. Peggy says there's no reason to talk about it, and she'd probably save herself a lot of time and energy if she'd carry a tape recorder around with that phrase on it. Freddy says that when they get back to Colorado on Monday, he'll give them a call to sew things up, and Peggy agrees that would be a great idea. She beams at him with genuine affection, but when he's gone, she looks deeply worried for a moment before going back to her typing.

Betty's in Don's study, either looking for something or working on Household Chore #367. Either way, she drops a screwdriver, causing Carla to come in, thinking it's Bobby. Seeing her error, she apologizes for disturbing Betty, and then says it's a beautiful day, and she was going to take the kids out again. At Betty's atypical unsmiling reaction, she asks if she could maybe draw her a bath, but the answer is no. Carla sympathetically offers that she's been married almost 20 years herself, but Betty's eyes flash as she declares she really does not want to talk about that. Carla starts to withdraw while she still has a job, but Betty calls her back and says she hasn't been sleeping very well. Carla counsels her to splash some water on her face and go outside. "You'll notice things are right where you left them." Not if you're talking stock portfolios. (Too soon?)

Don enters Roger's office and, seeing Duck and Pete there already, instantly gets wary. "I'm usually part of the meeting before the meeting." He sits, and Pete tells him that they were "on the launch pad" the day before, "and Freddy Rumsen pissed his pants." Don's amused, and asks how the presentation went, but Roger is uncharacteristically serious, and says that it's "conduct unbefitting." This from a man who projectile-vomited oysters onto a client's feet. Duck says Pete thought fast and put Peggy in for Freddy, which, as I noted before, was actually Sal's idea, so it makes Pete's smug assertion that "We're lucky the bench is deep" even more irritating. Say something funny before the scene's over, Pete, or I will be forced to wave a needle in your general direction. Roger says they have to let him go, with Duck strongly agreeing, and Pete saying that they at least have to take him off that account, because they called already, "and they're thrilled with Peggy." Duck thinks he has to go, as it could have happened in a meeting, but Don barks that it didn't. Roger takes this opportunity to dismiss Duck and Pete, so at least Don can't complain that he wasn't invited to the meeting after the meeting. Before he goes, though, Duck says keeping Freddy around wouldn't be doing him any favors, and given that Duck probably ruined a few pairs of British-tailored trousers himself, he should know. When they're alone, Don tells Roger that Duck's a teetotaler, and he's had it in for Freddy from the beginning. Roger pours them both a drink as he says that Don has a point, and muses that he can't even tell Bertram about any of this. "You know his whole thing with germs." Heh. Roger offers that Don can still get Freddy to give blood, but while the agencies will laugh at them over this, "the clients... they already think we're all like that." They... watch the show, then? Roger says they'll tell Freddy it's a six-month leave of absence to get himself cleaned up, but Don, somewhat pleadingly, says he doesn't want just to throw him away. Roger replies that Don's loyalty is becoming a liability, and they're going to take Freddy to dinner that night. At least Roger has the courtesy to show up for this one. Roger, with just a hint that his curiosity is more than idle, asks if Don needs to call "the Missus," but Don assures him he'll make it.

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