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Goodbye, Norma Jean

Betty's taken Carla's advice and gone to the stables, and from a distance, she sees Arthur and, I think, Tara (they're far away, but it doesn't look like he's riding today, so the only logical possibility is that he's dropping her off) chat for a moment before the latter heads out to ride. Betty lights a smoke and walks over, and Arthur happily greets her, asking if she's starting or finishing, as he can never tell with her. He obviously wasn't there at the beginning of last episode. Betty says she's on her way out, and Arthur asks after her children, and it's a nice touch that they'd be at the front of his mind, given how thrown he seemed when he met them. Betty turns the topic to Sarah Beth, asking if he's seen her, and Arthur does recall that happening on Monday. "She seemed distracted." Betty artfully gives the impression that something has been bothering Sarah Beth, and says that she thinks he makes her feel better. "She talks about you a lot." It's possible Betty's trying to help her friend here, but I think, given how hard marriage takes it on the chin in this entire episode, that she's lashing out at the institution by stirring up trouble that could break two of them up. She says that the three of them should go to lunch and have some fun in order to cheer Sarah Beth up, and invites him along to the date she and Sarah Beth already have planned. Arthur happily agrees, but once he's gone, Betty drops the smile. Carla, see what your advice has wrought?

Sal comes out from his donation session, and Ken tells him he should smoke a cigarette. "I know they said not to, but I'm telling you, my knees buckled." The thought of Ken's buckling knees should be all it takes for Sal to strategically reposition his jacket. Ken adds that he thought he was going to pull "a full Freddy Rumsen," which gets an appreciative laugh from the boys. However, when Don appears and the jokes continue (Paul calls Freddy a "real whiz" in advertising), Don takes their collective head off: "That's none of your business. Freddy had a bad day. Can't you find something else to do besides dining on the drama of other people's lives like a bunch of teenaged girls?" You... have met them before, right, Don? Paul earns a few points by being the only one not cowed into silence, but when he claims it's funny, Don responds, "Sure. It's just a man's name, right?" Don gets in line to give blood, leaving the boys to wonder what exactly prompted this week's showing of Overidentification Theater.

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