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Roman Holiday

Trudy's got dinner on the table when Pete gets home. She of course is not her normal bubbly self, but after they sit and she embarks on an impersonal recitation of her day, Pete interrupts her: "I don't want you to go away anymore without me." He reaches his hand out to hers, and after considering for a moment, she chooses to take this as both an apology and a promise not to stray again, and smiles: "Good. I won't." She's like The Giving Tree, this one. The tension lifted, she asks what happened at work, and Pete tells her Paul invented a contraption that can shoot a water balloon across the office. "We filled it with ketchup." If that's true, I bet Moneypenny really is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Francine is over at Betty's explaining that she left the kids with Carla because the board called a secret meeting about the reservoir. "I think they reversed us." Well, there's my answer about Francis's mindset. She then playfully asks how Italy was, and upon deducing from Betty's coy responses that she had a good time, tells her she and Carlton went to Lake George for a week after their daughter was born. "No problems, no kids. It was magical. We have to do that again." Betty doesn't look like she needed the reminder that she's back in suburban hell, although she might also be pissed that Francine went for a whole week and she only got a lousy two days. Francine then tells her they have to be vigilant about the reservoir, but wink-winkingly suggests that it would be a good excuse to ask for more help from high places. Betty, however, doesn't want to play, and says she's done with that. "We made our stand." Francine's mind heads across the Atlantic again, opining that Madrid would do the trick, and Betty confesses she's never been. Don then arrives home, and Francine says she needs to be going: "From what I hear, you two must be very tired." Oh, Francine. Don't make me come over there. Betty, an unamused look on her face, goes back to cleaning up...

...and then we cut to upstairs, where Don is clearly still under the romantic spell from the trip, and Betty just as clearly is not, so when he asks what's wrong, she gives it to him: "I hate this place. I hate our friends, I hate this town." Dangling London in front of her is looking like a mistake in retrospect. And how ironic is it that now that Don really can't run away, Betty's the one feeling like she wants to? Don says the wrong thing, saying they'll go away again, and then asks her to look on her pillow. She obliges him, and finds a gold charm, which he says he'll have put on her bracelet. She nods sadly: "Then you can have something to look at, when I tell the story about the time we went to Rome." She heads into the bathroom, leaving him confused, and "There's A Small Hotel" appropriately kicks up as we go to credits. Awesome episode -- this season has really hit its stride, like they always do. See you next time!

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