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Betty's serving the kids breakfast, and after she has Bobby sit down, she informs them that while "Daddy doesn't know" (heh, that old trick), Carla informed her they were fighting while she was away. Sally starts to say she didn't do anything wrong, but Betty firmly tells her to apologize to Bobby and start controlling her temper, "or I'm going to have to start taking things away." I'm betting she's not talking about the Barbie with magical powers. Sally tells Bobby she's sorry, not that Bobby couldn't care less or even still remembers the incident to which she's referring, and then Don appears and asks the kids if they're going swimming. Sally uncertainly repeats the question to Betty, but Betty assures her that they are, in fact. Betty then takes out a cigarette and starts to light it, but Don, in a playful callback to all the attention she got in Italy, beats her to it. They smile at each other, and he gives her a kiss and affectionately tells her he'll see her that night. When he's gone, though, she looks down at the drabness of her normal clothes and appears chagrined. On the plus side, the air in Ossining probably doesn't smell like rubber. Newburgh's another story.

Pete and Trudy are getting in the elevator, but before the door can shut safely, Gudrun and the two kids get in, with Gudrun's face falling hard when she sees Pete...

...and then upstairs, Trudy has Pete sit with her on the couch. She kisses him and tells him how much she missed him, and he tries to escape for work, but she won't let him go. It's clear that he's having trouble holding it together, and she notices, but mistakes his emotions as guilt caused by seeing little kids, and tells him she doesn't care about that anymore: "You're my husband. I want what you want." I wouldn't have pegged her to be interested in broad-shouldered female Germans, but you learn something new every day. Her kind words, however, only serve to remind him of how badly he's done by her, and when he hangs his head in shame and sadness, she gets seriously alarmed and asks if something happened. He looks into her eyes with a silent but unmistakable affirmative, and her concern turns instantaneously to anger and dismay as she stomps out of the room. How's the rest of that summer going, Pete?

Betty enters the living room and regards the monstrosity from last week with what thankfully appears to be distaste, but even if that's wishful thinking, whatever she's feeling prompts her to call Sally. They sit down on one of the tasteful couches in the room, and Betty tells her she thinks Ernie is very nice, but she still doesn't want Sally running around "just kissing boys" -- boys are supposed to kiss her. She adds that the first kiss is very special, and when Sally protests she's already had that, Betty smiles lovingly and says she's going to have a lot of first kisses, and she's going to want them to be special so she remembers them. "It's where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone, and every kiss with them after that is a shadow of that kiss." She urgently asks Sally if she understands, and when Sally seems to get it, she gives her a kiss on the forehead and tells her to go play. She then gets out a chainsaw and has a grand old time carving the monstrosity to shreds. Well, not yet, but I'm going to keep at it until it happens for real.

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