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Growing Concerns

Oh I guess it's the Fourth of July, so if Monday's a holiday, the trip to Fire Island makes a lot more sense. Bobby and Sally run around, sparklers in hand, in front of the Rye Town Francis Estate as Betty holds Gene on her lap and seems to appreciate the moment. And sure, I get paid to come up with jokes, but the lady who's unhappily gained a lot of weight smiling her way through what she's afraid might be her last Independence Day? I feel pretty comfortable in admitting I've got nothing.

Apparently, Don survived Fire Island, as he's in his office checking out some of Michael's work as Peggy and Michael sit silently. Don is impressed with one ad in particular, but when Michael starts to explain that he got inspired while at a peep show in Times Square, Peggy loudly wonders if they shouldn't wait for Roger. Don's basically like, if I ever waited for Roger I'd never get anything done, and when she keeps butting in, he has to tell her to shut up and let Michael talk. Of course, Peggy expects this to be a disaster, but Michael is able to spin the straw of his normal personality into gold, telling Don that he loved the infamous tobacco letter; not only was it funny, it was basically nothing short of a phenomenon and it made him want to be a part of SCDP. He wraps up his pitch by complimenting both Peggy and Don (referring to Peggy as "Margaret," for good respectful measure), and the New Don is obviously sold. Just as obviously, Peggy is kind of bent at how effectively Michael presented a different face to Don, probably thinking that he's far more of a threat than she gave him credit for. But there's nothing she can do when Don tells her to take Michael to Pryce and compliments her good work -- she can't very well explain that she's annoyed that the candidate she hand-picked, as far as Don knows, did well. When Peggy emerges from Don's office, she finds Michael admiring the view and she sucks her imaginary lemon twice as hard as she has to tell Roger it went well and hear in return that he's proud of her. Peggy tells "Mr. Ginsberg" to follow her...

...and when they're out of Roger's earshot, she lays into Michael for changing up his act with Don. He points out that he was just following her advice, but she expresses fear at his ability to control his craziness. She's forced to admit, however, that he got the job and he's endearingly excited, although his efforts to get her to be happy for him are at best a limited success. Then again, the same could be said about his efforts in his wardrobe.

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