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Growing Concerns

Roger comes in to see Peggy, much the worse for wear after yet another drinks meeting with Mohawk, and asks if she hired Michael (I'm assuming she had told Roger she was bringing him in). She tells him no because he was crazy, but Roger thinks that could be an asset in the job. Peggy thinks Don will hate Michael -- but Peggy, I feel compelled to point out that you've been complaining about Don being too nice. What better opportunity to get him back to himself? However, Roger informs her he already told Mohawk this was happening, because he "wanted to smooth the ground about working with a Jew. Turns out everyone's got one now." I see his unintentional self-imposed affirmative action has left him a changed man; to wit, he tells her that it makes the agency look more modern, "between this and 'It's always darkest before the Dawn' over there. At least this one we're hiring on purpose." I see now that I should have saved my Don Rickles comparison for Roger. Peggy offers to find "another Jew, if that's what you care about," and Roger astutely echoes Stan in assuring her that no one's going to replace her, but Peggy says she's not worried about that -- she just thinks Don will hate Michael and she'll get the blowback from that. Roger, however, says he'll handle Don...

...but not before Megan does, as Don joins her in the living room, dressed no less conservatively than he does for work and given that this is the Stones night, it's no surprise that Megan opines that he looks "so square [he's] got corners." Don tells her he's got to look like The Man (heh), and after some talk about Betty that does not include her medical news, Don heads out...

...and then he and Harry are pushing their way through a crowd of kids in the backstage area. Harry tries to talk his way by a security guy and gets no information other than that the Stones are not yet on the premises, so they settle in to wait, whereupon they're accosted by two pot-smoking girls who look not a day over fifteen. Harry tells them he and Don are in advertising and the girls make a Bewitched comparison, likening Don to Darrin (actually "Derwood") and Harry to Mr. Kravitz and while I don't find those particularly apt, the idea of Harry married to Gladys Kravitz is funny enough to make me giggle without benefit of marijuana. In the interest of fair reporting, however, I must tell you that Don does not share my opinion, although he could just be peeved about the Derwood thing.

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