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Do You Know How "Taps" Sounds on a Ukulele?
some suggestions for the ad including "fun-loving," "gallivanting," and a bunch of other words I'd, as much as I love her, never connect with Peggy. Peggy thanks Joan, but Joan cautions her, referring to the bulletin board, "Don't put it up there. Everyone here knows you." I think Peggy should also thank Greg for being such a loser that Joan's going to be forced to keep working, but it has to be acknowledged that the price of her advice is little barbs like that one. Peggy, however, doesn't waste any time in sitting down and taking notes on what Joan just told her.

In the middle of the night, Don awakens next to Betty...

...and we cut to him entering his study. He opens a desk drawer and, from a box therein, takes out a picture of a stern-looking couple. He turns it over to see that on the back is written "Archie and Abigail, 1928." No doubt moved to some degree by Bronzo's speech about his dad and also by Gene's continuing presence, he turns the picture back over and stares at his dad's image for a good long while. Well, it was only for a few seconds, but as you know the show doesn't tend to waste any time in making points such as these.

Pete catches Don on his way into SC the next morning, contracts in hand. "[Bronzo] is all dressed and ready for the oven." Savoring the moment not a little, he adds that perhaps, given his earlier trepidation, Don would like to deliver the papers to Pryce himself, and adds, following Don to Pryce's office, that he spent two years at Dartmouth protecting Bronzo from "shylocks," so he deserves to enjoy his payday. Meanwhile, inside Pryce's office, Ken and John Hooker are tossing the pelota around while Paul and Harry watch, everyone giggling like schoolgirls. Don dispatches Hooker to get Pryce, taking his cesta as he goes with a bemused expression. When Hooker returns with his boss, the latter is grinning ear to ear as he compliments the "boys" on their work, and then Don tries to pass the pelota to Ken, only to wing it straight into Bertram's ant farm, smashing the glass. Hee. Everyone giggles some more at the fact that they found the one thing in the world Don isn't any good at, and Don, in the spirit of things, leaves with this: "Bill it to the kid." Not the last time we'll be hearing those words, I'd imagine.

Bobby's in the back seat again, but this time Gene's driving. Which is more normal, surely, but given that he's been smelling citrus fruit that isn't there I think I'd rather take my chances with Sally at this point. Sally kisses up to her grandfather a little, who smiles before resuming his usual gruffness by telling her not to keep him waiting this afternoon. Insert your own joke about deceased pots here. There's some talk about him going shopping for fruit that afternoon, and Sally requests peaches...

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