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There's That Past, Informing the Present Again
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We start on a closeup of the New York Times crossword puzzle, and the next shot reveals the solver as Miss Blankenship, who flips up her reading-lens attachment when the phone rings...

...while inside Don's office, Faye is bringing him up to speed on the different types of Vicks cough drops users while some dude I don't remember having seen before sits in. Two separate extensions then jingle in succession, and after no one proves to be on the other end of either, Miss Blankenship comes in and tells Don she knows she's not supposed to buzz him all the time, "but I don't know how else to do this. You have a phone call." Don informs her that buzzing him for phone calls is perfectly acceptable. "Things like coffee after I've said no, you don't have to ask again." Miss Blankenship hilariously counters that he's always asleep in there, and tells him that a reporter from the Times is on the line. When Don asks what it's regarding, she's like, "You want me to go ask?" How amusing is it that even she is aware that the less she interacts with people, the better? Don's expression agrees with her, so he breaks up the meeting and gets on the phone with "Walter Hoffman," the advertising reporter for the Times, who asks for a reaction to the news that "Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough" just signed Clearasil. Don winces, and I should have known better, but I neglected to mention last time that when Pete said he was going to throw Clearasil over to Geyer, Don was like, "Anyone but Chaough," so despite his feigned indifference here that guy has been on his radar for a while. Don loftily tells Hoffman that he doesn't keep track of accounts after they're resigned, but Hoffman's like, not so fast, cowboy -- CGC is also where jai alai landed after Ho-Ho ran crying out of your agency, isn't that interesting, and by the way, "Ted" Chaough told him that "every time Don Draper looks in his rear-view mirror, he sees me." Don declines the opportunity to make a comeback using the metaphor, which makes me think Miss Blankenship was on to something with the coffee, and instead tells Hoffman, "on the record," that he's never heard of Chaough." Hoffman chuckles to himself like, "So that's how we're playing things," and ends the call. Don, for his part, doesn't look happy, not that that's saying much these days.

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