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There's That Past, Informing the Present Again

Another closeup of the Times reveals a lead story about the U.S. moving to prosecute the Alabama police involved in the Selma attacks. Roger muses that "this thing" is not going away, and Bertram, referring to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, wonders why "they" can't be happy, since they got what they wanted. Pete's like, "Jim Crow, dickhead," and then Don enters and Joan calls the partner's meeting to order. Pete's first news is about Secor buying some TV time, and after Roger makes a couple jokes about "easing them into it" and "loosening them up," Bertram wearily tells him, "We've had that client for eighteen years, Roger." Well, this episode will show that he really has trouble letting things go. (I'm sorry. Truly, I'm sorry.) Pryce then announces that Pete has other news, and I love the idea that Pete goes to Pryce first with all his good stuff for a little British pat on the head. Anyway, a "Deerfield chum" of Pete's roped him into attending a dinner for the Asia society, and what eventually developed was a lunch regarding Honda Motorcycles, who control over fifty percent of the U.S. market and are apparently miserable at Grey. Pryce does that Japanese accent of his that killed in the movie theater before saying that they could bring three million in potential billings, and they're venturing into automobiles as well. Pete jovially announces that they have a meeting on the books, but Roger is like, "Your yellow buddies killed all my friends in WWII, so ixnay." Pete counters that if "Bernbach" can do business with Volkswagen, they surely can deal with the Japanese, but Roger's like, "Why don't we just bring Dr. Lyle Evans in here?" Bertram reacts like Roger's referring to a war criminal instead of an AMC marketing tool, and Roger leaves the meeting with the parting shot that Lucky Strike is just great. When he's gone, Pryce hilariously asks if it's standard for them to put new business to a vote, while Pete asks if anyone else really has a problem with it and Don is firmly like, "No." Looks like DCP is greater than S, for those of you interested in equations. Pete says he's been advised to read The Chrysanthemum And The Sword, as the Japanese "have their own way of doing business," and asks Bertram for some pointers; Bertram goes to get right on that, but not before cautioning them, "Keep Roger out of the loop." Make sure his vodka cabinet is fully stocked, then. Don orders that everyone in the office be given a copy of The Chrysanthemum And The Sword," if for no other reason than for the Honda people to see it on their desks (ill-advised, perhaps, but no one asked me), and then there's more discussion of the fictitious Lyle Evans. Let's put it this way: If Joan's never heard of him, he doesn't exist.

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