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oing to be that more office masturbation is a good thing, because, as I said once already, ew.

Betty gets the laundry ready, and we see Don's robe go into the basket. DUN! Well, not really, but this isn't a crime show. There's not that much suspense.

Don's on the train, reading the paper, when he looks up and sees a smiling Suzanne standing over him. Bewildered, he greets her, and she takes the seat next to him and says she'll only stay for a stop, and she tried to catch him on the platform. Without looking at her, he asks what she's doing there, and she tells him she needed to talk to him. Without warming up, he asks if she called his house the night before, but she denies it, and if she's lying there's nothing in the acting that gives it away. Put off by his continued iciness and not working with a lot of time anyway, she starts to get back up, but he apologizes, and she takes the opportunity to inform him that she doesn't care about his work or marriage or any of that, "as long as I know you're with me." Sounds good on paper, but it's not far from those words to psycho behavior. At least Polly's a little too big to easily boil to death. They clasp hands, and after he apologizes for not having called her, she tells him she got Danny a job up at the VA Hospital in Bedford, and he'll be gone by that night if he wants to come by. The train pulls into the station, and she gets up, brightly telling him it was nice to meet him before heading for the exit. The two exchange a long look before she gets off, and considering how much he's on her to be discreet that was not exactly subtle.

Betty puts the laundry into the washing machine, and I'm sure the show is trying to emphasize how this routine chore is going to change her life in ways she never would have expected, but I think it's safe to say that we get it at this point, so we can skip seeing her put the robe into the dryer, I think. Also, the Foley guys threw in some jingling-key sounds there (and in the scene before, I'll add) you'd have to be deaf not to miss, which is also a bit much.

Speaking of too much, Lois (oh my GOD, she didn't get fired for cutting off a man's foot?) finds Paul face down on the couch in his office and, not without effort, wakes him up, telling him it's nine o'clock. Also, she left the door open while yelling his name, which is a nice touch, because she really just never learns. Paul is able to ignore his no-doubt-raging hangover because of the bliss he still feels over his idea, but when he goes to his pad, telling her he needs her to type something up, a wave of uncertainty hits when he doesn't find anything written down. He looks around while asking if she touched anything, and when she denies having done so, he reminds her, "You do that sometimes." Heh. Panic starts to set in as he continues to be unable to find anything resembling a brilliant idea, and after Lois starts babbling about the last place you look and retracing steps, he tells her to shut up, and I'll co-sign that one as long as our hands don't come in contact while doing so. Also, I think all writers have found themselves in a similar situation to Paul's, and it totally sucks, so here's my sympathetic reaction to his predicament: HA HA HA! Paul runs out...

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