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trouble might be where Danny's headed uncomfortably hanging in the air, Don reluctantly obliges. Once they've stopped, Danny starts to get out of the car, but Don asks him to wait, and urgently says he knows things seem bad now, but he can still change his life. Danny, however, explains that he can't have any vocation that someone like Don could have. "Everyone knows, sooner or later, that there's something's wrong with me. They're kind, and they try, but then when I come to with piss in my pants, they stare at me like I'm from another planet." This kid should go into business with Freddy Rumsen. Danny goes on that it's not a question of will or attitude -- he's got an affliction, and he can't change that. Don comes around and offers Danny money, which the kid refreshingly has no problem taking, but Don, palpably struggling with emotions that can only be related to the callous goodbye that led to his brother's suicide, says to no one in particular that he swore to himself that he would do this right if given another chance, and gives Danny his card, saying he should call him if he's ever in trouble. "And I want you to remember, if something happens to you, your sister will never forgive herself." Having done all he can to dissuade Danny from knocking over a gas station or whatever the kid might have in mind, Don assures Danny that he won't tell his sister what really happened here, and Danny takes his leave. After Don drives away, he looks a tiny bit shattered inside...

...not that Betty's doing all that much better as she sits and stares at the box...

...and then Don gets back to Suzanne, who's upset at the idea that Danny might think she sloughed him off on someone else so she wouldn't have to deal with him. "He means the world to me." Don assures her that Danny knows that, but when he starts to initiate something, she's too upset, so he just touches foreheads with her and then pulls her into an embrace...

...while, at almost a quarter past two, Betty finally gives up and replaces the box and keys where she found them, and goes to bed. Don't know if she thought to make any copies of anything, but she can't exactly forget what she knows. Well, she could get amnesia, but that's more the stuff of Bertram's shows than this one.

Don enters the office, and after Allison hangs up his coat and hat, he declines her offer of coffee and asks her to get Betty on the phone. While he's waiting, he gets a clean shirt out of a drawer full of them (ahem), and then Allison buzzes with Betty on the line. Lying in bed, looking like she didn't sleep even after she retired at that late hour, she asks where he was the night before, but when he claims he was with Connie, she says she must have forgotten. After confirming she picked up his tuxedo, he tells her he'll be home at five-thirty and they'll need to leave within an hour, but she says she doesn't think she's going to go. He asks what's wrong, and she's like, "What's wrong? What's WRONG?" but then, after an internal struggle, follows that up by merely saying she doesn't feel well. I can see why weathermen sometimes have a hard time with predictions, because that certainly looked like a gathering storm that failed to hit at the last possible second. Don tells her to get into bed and basically to get over it in the next seven hours, as all the partners and clients are going to be there, "and they're all expecting me to show up with the glamorous, elegant, stunning Betty Draper." He adds that he wants to show her off, and this drains whatever fight is left in her, so she mumbles her assent and hangs up.

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