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Through the Looking Glass
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We open on a car horn, dissonant even by industry standards, before panning up to show Ken. He's driving with a carful of drunken yahoos, and if the horror-movie lighting and jumpier-than-usual camerawork don't clue you in to Ken's terror, the unkempt state of his hair should. Oblivious to, or turned on by, the mortal danger they're in (from all the honking from passing cars, it seems very likely that they're driving on the wrong side of the road), one of the drunken idiots in the back seat raises the stakes by pulling out a gun and then covering Ken's eyes. The squeal of brakes makes us wonder if this is actually happening, but Ken's not a major enough character for the show to display his nightmares, I don't think. So take a good look at what we bailed out forty years later, I guess.

In far, far, far less interesting news, Don has taken to standing outside Sylvia's back door for minutes (hours)? at a time (the collection of cigarette butts he thoughtfully has left on the floor is the evidence of his lingering presence) as inside Sylvia calls to the yet-again-absent "Rosen" about dinner or whatever. These people really need to get out of the building more.

Cross-fade to Don in the CSGDPCC (I think that's right) conference room staring up at the ceiling as Ted, looking a bit crazy-eyed, sniffs at a sandwich like he's on something. Jumping the gun, there, Ted, but not by much. Cutler and Roger are playing checkers, and it's not clear why they're all sitting around like minimum-security prisoners until Ken limps in -- literally; he's using a cane, and his face is at least minimally banged up. He delivers the news that Chevy didn't like their last round of ideas, which is a dance that apparently has been going on for a while. Don half-barks that it's Ken's job to make the Chevy execs like the ideas, as if anything he's churned out in recent memory has been fit for life outside a porcelain bowl. Roger tries to get Don to back off, but Don, sounding a bit hoarse -- stalking is hard on your throat, don't you know -- goes on that they've given Chevy seven rounds of ideas, and they haven't even gotten to talk to their people. "We have to depend on this cripple?" Charming. Roger defends his fellow Accounts man, and Ken adds that he needs to sit down, but he won't bother if Don's just going to insult him. I guess he's too nice and/or on too many painkillers to add that Don's got an awful lot of nerve, given that he fucked up both Jaguar and Beans, acted like Chevrolet was his idea, and now is pointing fingers at a guy who's not even a partner.

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