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Ken does, however, produce a piece of paper on which is Chevrolet's calendar for the work they expect from PGCCCDS. It lays out three years of monthly deadlines for them to meet, and probably means all their ideas will have to filter through so many levels of bureaucracy as to make the Federal government seem efficient. When Ken adds that GM wants another packet on Tuesday and him back in Detroit on Sunday, Don complains that they can't go on like this, but it's hard to feel too bad for him when he pissed all over clients who were small enough to be manageable. Cutler, however, thinks the truckloads of money they're getting means they need to jump through however many hoops GM sets in front of them. It's not like anyone's going to come up with an easy answer here, so it's probably just as well that Moira interrupts to tell Ted that his wife is on the phone about "that... matter." I wondered on first viewing what personal foible of the Chaough household this might portend, but Ted gives nothing away.

Once he's gone, Dawn appears. Don tells her to get Creative together, as they're working the weekend, but while she agrees, she's there because Rosen is on the phone. Don's poker face is rather worse than Ted's as he first tells Dawn to take a message but then belays his own order once she mentions she'll find out what the call is regarding. Don leaves the room, whereupon Cutler announces that Don's given him an idea -- he's going to call his doctor and get Ken fixed up. "I'm gonna get everybody fixed up!" Given what happens, I have to give him credit for accurate word choice there.

In his office, Don nervously braces himself before picking up the phone... only to learn it's Sylvia. What, we couldn't at least have gotten to hear her trying to imitate her husband's voice? Jeez, is this show no fun anymore. Don takes a moment for the contents of his stomach and bowels to resettle before saying he's glad to hear that, and Sylvia's basically like, no shit you are, so how about you quit it with the harassment, especially since Rosen saw all the cigarette butts and now thinks I'm smoking again? Don, infuriatingly, gets all patronizing about how he knows she wants to see him, and it's not like I have any affinity for her, but I do appreciate her telling him in no uncertain terms that she's not scared of her husband -- she's scared of him. She tries to explain the situation again, this time telling him that she only got involved with him because she thought he had as much to lose by getting caught as she did, and as such she figured she'd be able to trust him when the affair inevitably ended. "Right now I'm wondering how I ever trusted you." I hope this one gets through to him; if not, it might be time to bust out the sock puppets and semaphore flags. Sylvia's voice breaks as she asks him to stop if he ever cared about her, to which Don replies, "I'm feeling a lot of emotions, too." I guess I spoke too soon when I said the show has lost its sense of humor. He pathetically drags it out as long as he can, but she finally hangs up on him, whereupon he throws the phone into the wall, breaking some glass in the process. This is work? God, grow up.

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