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Through the Looking Glass

Don is back at Sylvia's door, again, some more, and he tries a soft knock, but no one is in the kitchen, and the radio playing covers his noise. He presses his ear up to the door like it's his BROKEN HEART. We cut back and forth to close-ups of the radio playing "Goin' Out Of My Head," and speaking of scientific curiosity, I would like to know whether the manipulative camerawork and editing is more or less objectionable than the on-the-nose song choice. Doubt the show's going to answer that one for me, though, especially not given that even after we get off the clock, we stay with a shot of Don leaning against the door for almost twenty seconds. With everything the show's lost recently, why not throw in its economy?

Peggy is attempting to wrap up Stan's cut and fend off his amorous advances, with limited success on both fronts. She tells him he's like her brother, and that is indeed the vibe they were giving off earlier in the season, but Stan pays this no mind and eventually pulls her into a kiss. Underneath all the "vitamins," I think he really does care about her, but she soon reiterates her "no," not that she should have to. He tells her he needs "this," and goes on to confess that his cousin "Robbie" was killed in action in Vietnam and was only twenty. Peggy's appropriately sympathetic, and asks for details as she sits next to him, but Stan reveals that they don't tell you that part -- they just tell you when it happened. He goes on that it was three months ago, which means that his aunt sent sixteen letters Robbie never saw. He sadly laughs about what a terrible job delivering mail to the front lines must be. While I don't love the setup of Stan confessing this while under the influence of whatever -- here's a well-reasoned explanation of why -- I do like the writing in this scene on its own merits, not to mention that this relationship continues to be one of the most enjoyable on the show. Peggy tells Stan that she is really and truly sorry and then takes his hand off her leg and clasps it in a gesture of friendship as she tells him she's known loss, and she knows you have to let yourself feel it. She goes on that you can't dampen it with drugs or sex, and I'd object to her over-closing here, but she is dealing with a Stan who's not even at his highest level of maturity. Appreciative of what she's doing, he nonetheless tells her that maybe they're different, but she merely suggests he go home. She leaves, but not without him complimenting her ass and her thanking him. All right, not quite brother and sister, but at least still intact.

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