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Beyond The Veil

...while another cleanup is happening in the form of Pete and Ken dragging Don into his building, at which point he slurs the question to Jonesy - what did he see when he died? It obviously makes Jonesy uncomfortable to discuss, but he offers that there might have been a light, and Don latches onto that, wondering if it was a hot, tropical light. "Could you hear the ocean?" This is not a line of inquiry the Hawaii Tourism Board is going to be too jazzed about. Pete and Ken finally get Don into the elevator...

...while, at a different building by St. Mark's Place, Betty is showing the photo to two young men. They don't claim to recognize Sandy, but when they go inside, Betty asks if she can join them, and they're essentially like, "Free country." Inside, it's not quite Grey Gardens, but there are rats and homeless kids bunched together; regardless, Betty soldiers on, and soon she's found Sandy's violin. Retrieving it, she heads to the kitchen, in which the two young men from outside are preparing to cook something, and tells them it proves Sandy was there. They remain unhelpful, however, until one of them is moved by the worried look on Betty's face, whereupon he calls out to the other residents and asks if they've seen Sandy before asking Betty if she knows how to make goulash. Betty hesitantly offers some advice and is then discomfited to hear that they don't even have access to running water; the two men then go to retrieve some snow and an Army knife, leaving Betty alone. And the longer the show drags on, the more people you expect to quit smoking, but I can't say I begrudge Betty a cigarette at this particular moment.

Roger comes back downstairs and finds Margaret, who tells him Mona left and she sent Brooks and, I'm guessing, their son on a bike ride while she waits for the servants to wrap up the deli. She's not angry with him, it's apparent, and after they chat a bit, he tells her he wants her to have something. My first thought was that Jane returned the ring anyway, but no - from a cabinet, Roger retrieves a jar he tells Margaret belonged to his mother, which was a present from his father. He goes on that it contains water from the river Jordan, with which both he and Margaret were baptized. Margaret thanks him, but does wonder if her grandmother left Margaret anything else; Roger tells her she bequeathed essentially everything to the zoo. "Her will looked like the manifest from Noah's Ark."

Margaret plows on, however, that Brooks didn't start where Roger did, and that's an issue because there's this really great investment opportunity. In response to the outstretched hand he knows is coming, Roger reaches for his cigarettes, but Margaret admonishes him not to before pitching him on refrigeration trucks. Roger seems amenable to the investment, pending a chat with Brooks, and you know he's going to end up making a fortune while complaining about the whole experience, because that's how Roger Sterling rolls. Fortunately, he's got a therapist and won't be particularly sensitive to what he pays him. Margaret's overjoyed, and gives him a big hug before going to check on the staff, leaving Roger to contemplate the meaning of it all. Well, at least you bought a nice eulogy from Margaret just now.

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