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...but later, Megan, clad only in bra and panties, is taking a toke from one of the joints before climbing on top of Don, who's in bed, and handing it off as she remarks that one of the women she talked to was from Minnesota, and she didn't even know they had the show there. After he takes a couple puffs and puts the j down, Megan leans in for a kiss and then tells him how much she loves it there, and then they start their round of "intensity," if you will...

...and then we cut to later, as it's dark in the room, and Megan is asleep, but Don, despite an all-day luau, alcohol, pot, and sex, is wide awake. Of course, he must have conserved some energy by not uttering a word all day. I wonder if he might consider learning ASL?

However he conveyed his order, Don is sitting at the hotel bar, with a soft background rendition of "O Christmas Tree" letting us know it's the holiday season. Don's attention is then grabbed by a guy at the other end of the bar asking his buddy "Galloway" if he'd like another drink, but given that Galloway is spread out on the bar like it's a king bed, it's no surprise he doesn't reply. The conscious guy, looking fairly sweaty and inebriated himself, turns to Don, addressing him as "Mister," and asks if Galloway has moved at all, and even in response to this direct question, Don's reply is silence. However, when the guy observes Don light his smoke with his Zippo, he recognizes it as a military issue, adding that he's got the same one, and stumbles over to sit next to Don, asking him what branch he was in. Don's reply of "Army" confirms that his larynx was not removed in the offseason, and the guy enthusiastically lets Don know that he was too before babbling (hitting that drunk-loud pitch expertly, btw) about how everyone's been friendly even though he was expecting a fight (presumably referring to the state of the Vietnam conflict). He goes on that "this" is his bachelor party - he's getting married the next day - so Don offers to buy him a drink, but the guy reverses the order, saying he's got lots of combat pay. Looking at Don's linen jacket and, well, looks, he asks if Don's "some kind of astronaut," and given that SCDP has worked with aeronautics companies, this can't be the first time anyone's ever had that idea. Too bad about the smoking, I guess.

Don asks how much time the guy (the character's name, as we'll learn, is "PFC [Private First Class] Dinkins") has left, and the reply is that he's getting married at "0800," but Don gently clarifies that he was referring to his tour in Vietnam, and that answer is eight months. Going back to his nuptials, Dinkins explains that someone told his wife married guys in war live longer, since they have something to live for. By that logic, I'm guessing the soon-to-be Mrs. Dinkins is going to make you work hard to put a bun in her oven. After some more drunken chatter about marriage, PFC Dinkins invites Don to get into some trouble with him - not sure Dinkins has any idea what he might be signing up for here - and asks him if he'll give away his bride. Referring to the still-comatose Galloway, Don asks if he doesn't think he's going to make it, but Dinkins tells him that Galloway's his best man, and since his fiancée's family is back in California, he'd like Don to do it, as he wouldn't want to resort to giving the job to a hotel employee. "They look just like the enemy." Well, if nothing else, that makes the cultural insensitivity about the poi look like nothing. Don tries to put the guy off, but his drunken enthusiasm continues unabated as he babbles about, essentially, paying to forward. "One day I'll be the man who can't sleep and talks to strangers." Don does not look like he's relishing the thought of how old he'll be when that day comes. Then again, this episode makes it seem like he's sure he'll be dead by then.

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