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In the dark, Betty enters the kitchen and sees Sandy sitting at the table with a cigarette. Sandy, who by the way is played by Kerris Lilla Dorsey, better known as Sarah's daughter Paige on Brothers and Sisters, says she couldn't sleep, making a comment about the creaky floors that makes me think I didn't call this place the Rye Town Francis Spookhouse for nothing, and Betty offers her something to eat, adding that she'll have something too, although she's "trying to reduce." Rather passionately, Sandy asks why Betty doesn't just be the way she is. "You're beautiful." Betty blithely says that's charming "and you know it," but Sandy goes on that her mother wore a girdle all the time and as a result always had a stomachache, and Sandy thought, "You'd rather have a stomachache just so dad would like you." Of course, Sandy doesn't know that Henry was perfectly accepting of Betty even when her fat suit was considerably bigger, but Betty cuts through to the actual issue as she sympathetically tells Sandy that her mother passed away too, only a few years ago. "This time of year is the hardest."

Sandy's hangdog expression prompts Betty to add that they're happy to include her in their family, and I'm trying to remember if we've ever seen this kind of generosity of spirit from her; in any case, Sandy confesses that she didn't actually get into Julliard, and Betty doesn't know what to say at first, but brightly offers that Sandy can try again the next year - she can tell everyone she wanted to finish high school first. Sandy snits that it's incredible how quickly some people can come up with lies, and Betty's mildly offended, but it's worth noting that it's not the typical quick-to-anger reaction you might have expected from the Betty of Seasons Four and Five. Anyway, Sandy is not referring to the lie about high school, but to the larger point that she's old for a violinist anyway, and she's kidding herself if she thinks that dream isn't dead. She goes on that her real endgame was to get out of this Podunk town and to New York, but Betty, with an indulgent smile that suggests she thinks she knows better, assures her that plenty of girls do just fine without Julliard. Sandy: "Sure. You go to college, you meet a boy, you drop out, you get married. Struggle for a year in New York while he learns to tie a tie and then move to the country and just start the whole disaster over." Betty's pronouncement that this is an "arrogant exaggeration" doesn't exactly suggest that Sandy lacks a point here, and to put it plainly, she wants to make it on her own, which is an understandable instinct generally but particularly so for a girl who's lost someone so close to her.

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