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Betty tells Sandy she's got so much, but Sandy snits that she didn't ask for it and doesn't want it. She asks Betty if she isn't curious about people in the Village, adding that she even went and visited them. After a little detour to confirm that Sally didn't accompany Sandy on that particular field trip, Sandy brightens and says that Sally did tell her that Betty lived in the Village and was a model. Betty can't hold back a small smile at the memory, but replies that she "lived with five girls in two rooms and ate soup out of cans." Even knowing the part about the modeling career, I had no idea Betty had quite that bohemian a past. Sandy sighs that she bets it was great, but Betty tries to tell her it was different back then - there weren't all the riots and robberies there are now. Sandy excitedly replies that she visited a building right off St. Mark's Place, and kids were just living there. "People are naturally democratic if you give them a chance." Betty: "Are you on dope?" HA! Sandy is like, no, man, so Betty tells her that Sandy's not her child, so she's not shining her on, but she knows she's talented, and Sandy tries for that gracious expression artists have to use when dealing with the evaluations of laymen. Betty adds that Sally was "crushed" that Sandy was going away, and then the two of them finally dive into the Ritz crackers that have been basking in their product placement.

Hey, it's Peggy, and she's apparently dating Che Guevara...oh no, sorry, that's Abe. Well, handlebar mustaches are confusing! Apparently, the vegetarian meal of which they just partook didn't particularly agree with either of them, but it's Abe who goes running for points porcelain as Peggy announces she doesn't like vegetarian food anyway. "Reminds me of Lent." Heh. The phone rings, and after Peggy checks her watch, presumably noting the lateness of the hour, she picks up to find it's Burt Peterson - you know, the former SC Head of Accounts who fantastically flamed out after getting fired in the third-season premiere ("Drop dead, you Limey vulture!). What I did not realize, however - those are some thick glasses on him - is that he's played by Michael Gaston, who at only 50 has more credits than you could count, but to me will always be the oily, terrifying Ben Zeitlin on my dearly departed Terriers.

Peggy asks if everything's okay, and Peterson's like, "yeah, sure, I just called at midnight to say 'what's up,'" so apparently they're co-workers now at Chaough's company. After asking if she saw Carson that evening, Peterson tells her that they're at DEFCON 3, about to go to 4, whereupon Peggy correctly informs him that the number gets lower the more dire the situation, and given that this scene predates WarGames, I'd let this slide if not for Peggy adding, "I've told you that." Hee. Anyway, Peggy adds that "you sound...under the weather" (heh), but Burt's like, I may be drunk and not know which end of the DEFCON scale is up, but some comedian did a routine about the war, and now Koss Headphones wants to pull their Super Bowl spot. The problem, apparently, is the line "Lend me your ears," and Peggy doesn't understand what the issue could be, but Peterson's like, great, so you'll call Chaough. In his hurry to get off the phone, he doesn't add "Thank you and good night," which if you ask me is a wasted opportunity. Peggy sighs and gets her book out, calling to Abe in the process to see what time it is in Colorado and getting only vegetarian-food-fueled nonsense in reply...

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