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Beyond The Veil

...and then we cut to the elevator in Don's building, with Rosen joining Don, who smiles that he supposes he shouldn't wish him a Merry Christmas. Rosen: "Save that for Sylvia." I guess I should restrain myself from commenting, but it's taking some real physical effort here. Rosen asks how Hawaii was, and Don somewhat mournfully replies, "Long ago and far away." Given that I'm now on page seven, I feel qualified to agree. Rosen brings up a camera company that's a client of Don's, and after some back-and-forth Don offers to give him one - he can even come get it now. Rosen, however, says he'll be in surgery until two, whereupon Don tells him that if Rosen comes to his office, he gets to go to his. And I know I said I'd restrain myself, but I'm wondering in light of later revelations just how far Don's willing to take reciprocal agreements. When the elevator door opens, we hear Jonesy's too-enthusiastic Noo Yawk accent belt out "Another glorious morning, Dr. Rosen," prompting Rosen to aside to Don "No good deed..." while keeping a smile plastered on his face. Hee.

Well, the betting event of a lifetime has finally occurred - Roger Sterling is in therapy. Actually, I'm surprised it took him this long, given that he's never seemed to have a problem expressing his innermost thoughts. He babbles some stuff about a woman with whom I suppose he's been dallying, wondering if she reminds him of Jane before telling the guy (Dr. Levy is his name) he thinks he's being hard on him, and seriously, if there's a character with potential for growth in this season, it's got to be Roger Sterling's put-upon therapist. He complains about how his employees don't know anything about him, and rather than count his blessings, he mock-despairingly asks what life is all about before telling Levy, with a Foghorn Leghorn delivery, that that was a joke. Dr. Levy: "We discussed this. I can't laugh at everything you say." Hee. He does at least admit that Roger makes not laughing hard sometimes, but uses the subject to ask why Roger tells so many jokes. "You're obviously not afraid that you're boring." I'm thinking a couple people in this room need to read Sterling's Gold with an unbiased eye.

Roger goes off on a tirade about doors and windows and bridges and gates; his point is that life is supposed to change you, to guide you in growing as a person, but that's not the case. "Turns out the experiences are nothing - they're just some pennies you pick up the floor, stick in your pocket, and you're just going in a straight line until you-know-where." Ironically, Roger's inability to be changed by the events of life is a trait you could point to as a defining reason why he's a comedic character, but Dr. Levy is correct when he tells Roger he sounds afraid. And despite the familiarity of the doorway imagery, this Roger discussion is still quite a bit more subtle than anything that happens with Don in this episode. (Don't worry; the Roger subtlety won't last either.) Roger claims that he's in fact irritated, and goes off on a "What's the deal with New Year's" bit that I think the Hawaiian Elvis might steal if he hears it.

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