Conversation With a Mad Woman

by Angel Cohn July 7, 2008
The Elisabeth Moss Interview

TWoP: Like, that's why the guys were looking at her butt all of the time.

EM: [Laughs.] Yeah.

TWoP: Do we have to wait a long time to know what happens to the baby?

EM: Umm, it's funny because you're, you're gonna have to wait a little bit. There are clues, but the clues might lead you in the wrong direction... or they might not. There are actually -- to be perfectly honest, some things are up in the air at this point.

TWoP: How far into the season are you know?

EM: We are eight episodes in right now, I think. Nothing is really done the normal way, and nothing is ever as it seems.

TWoP: Well, I'm learning that now. I look at every little thing and rewatch the episodes again on DVD and I'm like, "I didn't notice that the first time around."

EM: Right. I know. You really have to pay attention, and that definitely applies to the second season as well.

TWoP: So are you excited about a potential Emmy nomination? Or does that just go with the territory?

EM: It's a funny thing. I was talking with someone on set the other day, and of course it's very exciting and it's really an honor and it's really cool, but it's hard, because you don't want to get pure credit, because you don't know if its going to happen. I think that whatever happens to the show I will be so proud of it, and you know, as far as my category, I'm up against some pretty heavy hitters, and they all have about twenty years on me at the least. I'm literally the youngest in that category by twenty years. But for me, honestly, being 25 and this being my first season and I've only really done 13 episodes, it really is an honor -- and I know that it's so cheesy, but it really is an honor to just be talked about amongst Glenn Close and Holly Hunter and Kyra Sedgwick and Mariska Hargitay, all these people who are so amazing. It's literally like, "I'm good, I'm done." [Laughs.] Just to be thought about amongst those women for a 25-year-old actress is an incredible honor. So I'm very pleased with that and whatever happens with the show, I'm already proud of it.

TWoP: So what's the actual set like with all the drinking and the smoking? Is it a weirder vibe than other sets you've been on?

EM: No, I think it's pretty much the same. I mean, we're not actually drinking and smoking, obviously -- then that would be very different. But it's different in the way that it's much more fun than other sets than I've been on. We all kind of have it down at this point. Everybody's so good, each character, that you never have to worry about going into a scene and be like, "Oh God, I have to do a scene with this guy, you know, he's not my favorite." Everybody's so good, everybody pulls their own weight and you know that no matter what happens, the other guy is going to be perfect. It's always a pleasure because you get to do different scenes with different people and you're like, "Oh today I have a scene with Christina [Hendricks], yay!" Or, "Today I have a scene with the boys, cool!" It's fun and it's a joy. It really is a joy to work on the show.

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