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White People Problems

Abe, in a T-shirt, is typing away when the phone rings. He picks it up and says he needs another half hour, but it's actually the realtor calling for Peggy with the news that they didn't get the place. Peggy's crestfallen and asks what happened, and the realtor breezes that someone came in a little higher, and it wasn't meant to be. Of course, if they'd paid the price Peggy was prepared to, they would have gotten it, and the realtor does admit that the winning bid was under asking as well, but her reiteration that it wasn't meant to be and that "there's no other way to think about it" has merit from a mental-health point of view. After she hangs up, Peggy glumly tells Abe that someone else got the place, and when he gives a reaction easily described as "cursory," she asks if he even gives a damn. He tells her he's working on an emotional story, but she nails him good: "Stop being such a martyr. You're having the time of your life." Heh. She tells him that she feels alone in this, but that's kind of the point for him - he doesn't feel right expressing an opinion, since he's not going in on the place with her. She invites him to regardless, so he tells her he doesn't want to live on the UES, and goes on to opine that it's not diverse enough, not that he needs a reason in my book. He then tells Peggy about a photographer who was trailing him the other night and lives in the West 80's, which he admits is more rundown, but "that's why it's so cheap." You'll forgive me if I cringe a bit here. Peggy looks intrigued and then charmed by the idea of getting their own fixer-upper, and then comes over to stand by him and say she didn't realize he felt that way about the UES, and he apologizes again, reiterating that he didn't feel comfortable in having a say. Peggy, however, beams at him: "You're in my life. You're a part of my life." Sorry, Peggy's mom, but I think this turned out better than getting a cat.

Waiting for the next show, Don's reading what I'm guessing is a movie-promotional paper, given that it's titled The Ape and bears the headline "Big Round-Up Of Human Beasts." Even as people are starting to file in, an African-American theater employee sweeps up near Don's feet when Bobby returns from the concession stand and asks the man if he's seen the film. The guy tells him not yet, but he will get to see it for free. Bobby says it's really good, and they're seeing it again, and that's probably not something I'd announce to someone working for the theater, but I also remember doing that in a Pink Panther movie when I was a kid, so maybe things were just more lax back then. Bobby philosophically offers, "Everybody likes to go to the movies when they're sad," and the guy doesn't respond, but he looks thrown by the tacit expression of camaraderie, poignant as it is given the current circumstances. He'd be even more so if he'd known Bobby as long as we have.

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