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White People Problems

...while at the CGC table, Chaough shows up with his wife Nan, seen briefly at Benihana back in the episode "The Chrysanthemum And The Sword," in tow. After being dismissive to her, Chaough turns his attention to Peggy and tells her she's probably figured out by now that she didn't win. The way Peggy tries to control her look of horror suggests that she wasn't quite aware of that, actually, but Chaough takes no notice and goes on that she'll prevail next year. After the third time Nan barks his name, he turns around to see what's up, and a wider shot reveals that Abe is standing there waiting for Chaough to vacate his seat, and it's good timing anyway, because no sooner have Chaough and Abe settled into their assigned positions than do the lights go down. The emcee welcomes them all to the Advertising Club of New York as Chaough kisses his wife's hand - and then fixes Peggy with a look that's maybe juuuust a little too adoring. Nothing may come of it, but still something to file away mentally.

Ginzo and Beverly are having a burger and soup in a diner - Papa Ginzo's generosity only goes so far - and Ginzo asks Beverly, who earlier mentioned she's a teacher, if she likes kids. Still, Beverly's reaction is to tense up like he just proposed marriage, but when that little misunderstanding is cleared up, Beverly clarifies that she's actually a student teacher, and she's getting her Master's at Hunter. "And yes, I like kids. Some kids." Hee. Beverly's got an easy charm about her, but Ginzo is working up a head of steam about how Papa Ginzo shouldn't have brought her to the apartment, since it's kind of early in the proceedings for them to be seeing where the other one lives. Beverly smiles and agrees, leaving Ginzo to just nervously babble about the Old World and how "you're a sexy girl and you smell great" (hee) and his father probably told her Ginzo's a "Lothario" but it's not true - he's a virgin. I'd blame the women of his Brooklyn neighborhood for not realizing what they have, but if he's prone to giving speeches like that whenever a girl shows an interest, it explains a lot.

Beverly's stock, not low to begin with, rises ever higher as she simply replies "Okay!" with a WTF smile, leaving Ginzo to berate himself not only for the confession but for ordering soup, which makes me realize this character could walk straight into an episode of Seinfeld and no one would bat an eye. Beverly, for her part, mercifully throws some cold water onto this overheating spectacle as she tells him she's merely doing a favor for her parents. "Tonight will not be the night." Ginzo forlornly nods, probably thinking that no night will be the night as far as Beverly's concerned, but she gives him hope when she tells him she saw his photo in advance and found him very handsome. "And I'm obviously very shallow." Heh. Ginzo's still a sentence behind as he asks if he really is handsome, and instead of holding up a mirror, she tells him he must have heard that before. Satisfied with that conversational topic, Ginzo asks if she makes a lot of money teaching, and Beverly continues to soar as she gives a disbelieving laugh followed by a serious "No." Ginzo, however annoyed you may have been, I think your dad did you a solid here.

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