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White People Problems

In Rye, Betty, referring to the paper, asks Henry "if this is really what happened." Henry tells her the account is correct, "except that it was terrifying, walking into that angry, crazy crowd and Mayor Lindsay smiling like he was going to a pancake breakfast." Betty replies that it sounds like the tactic worked, but Henry scoffs that what worked was "cutting deals with all the militants last year." I think I want to go back to hanging out with Peggy. Henry tells Betty he's got to go back, but she informs him he's going to eat something first...

...while, in contrast, Pete isn't being taken care of, as he stomps out of his office to find that Clara has abandoned her post. Across the way, Harry is annoyed that Scarlett has similarly disappeared, and they suppose the girls are off watching TV somewhere. They then start to talk, but when Harry tries to get Pete to commiserate about all the ad buyers being worried about preemption, Pete snits that it's disgusting. Oblivious to Pete's liberal slant, Harry goes on that he's had enough of special broadcasts cutting into primetime, to which Pete snaps that the situation "cannot be made good. It's shameful. It's a shameful, shameful day!" Harry fires a salvo back at Pete, prompting Bertram to come out of his office and ask what's going on. Pete barks that they're in the presence of a "bona fide racist," but Harry isn't intimidated, saying that sure, now everyone's a racist these days. On the one hand, Harry's got a point about the zeitgeist being such that people are getting accused of racism like women in The Crucible got accused of witchcraft. On the other hand, Harry's still being a tin-eared idiot. Bertram calls for them to shake "in the spirit of erasing these remarks," so they grasp each other's hand - whereupon Harry says he's sorry because "I mistook this for a workday." Ah, the apology fake-out. It never loses its charm. Pete, hilariously still shaking Harry's hand, snarls that he's sure Harry can make his money back on some Movie of the Week "about the death of a great man." Harry's face falls at that one - hard to blame it, that line went through him like a rapier - and Bertram literally is like, "That is not what I meant!" Hee. Pete's not done, though, as he tells Harry he'll put it in terms he'll understand: "That man had a wife and four children!" Clearly having won, he turns on his heel and stomps off, and even Bertram looks like, "Well, I'll give him that one."

Dawn enters Don's office and apologizes for being late, but Don tells her he's just glad she's okay, adding that Joan was trying to reach her. Dawn explains that the phone was out for a bit the night before, but Don and then the entering Joan both tell her she shouldn't be working. Dawn, however, replies that her mother suggested she do so; not quite knowing how to respond to that, Joan pauses for a moment before saying that Bertram announced that they're closing early out of respect, but Roger still wants to have the three o'clock meeting. Don, exasperated: "Well, are we closed or not?" Dawn tells him it's fine, as she'd "really rather be here today," so Don, looking like he hadn't considered the idea that Dawn might have had reason to want to get out of her neighborhood, assents. Joan then moves forward to put her arms around Dawn from the side, and you can blame Joan for not being as natural as Peggy was with Phyllis, but the fact that Dawn looks like Joan might squeeze the life force from her body isn't helping. Joan tells Dawn everyone is so sorry, but Dawn only looks flummoxed, and she then collects Don's Rolodex and follows Joan out. If she'd known the white people would be acting so weird, she might have argued the point of staying home more strongly with her mother.

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