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"I Love You, Ken… I Mean, 'Kitty'!"

So Jane's rack leads the boys to Bertram's door, where she calls them pussies and double-dog-dares them to come in with her, but Ken at least has the presence of mind to get them to remove their shoes before they all lemming their way in. Also, Ken comments, "I feel like we're skinny dipping," which elicits yet another overapproving smile from Sal. Honey, if you were more experienced, you might have the straight guys out of your system. Might. Paul actually bails, although he'd probably justify it with some beatnik sentiment or other, and then when they enter, Sal sniffs dismissively that it's a Rothko, while Harry can't believe the thing cost ten grand, and sweats about what to say to Bertram about it. Ken, however, is moved, saying that viewing it is like looking and falling into something very deep. Sal can't quite believe that such a sentiment came out of Ken's mouth, but before he can, um, plumb Ken's unexplored depths further, Harry hurries them all out...

...and the rest of them get into the elevator as Ken chuckles that Harry actually took the stairs, presumably to avoid running into anyone. Jane mischievously says they could have stolen the painting, and Sal asks, "Who are you?" in wonder. Ken thinks he could write a great short story about the day they looked at the painting, and uses this as a segue to tell Jane he's a published writer. Jane's typically unimpressed, but Sal recalls the story about the maple tree, which he opines was beautiful and sad. Ken's thrilled that he read it, and Sal tells him everyone did, and they were jealous of his talent. Ken then again unsuccessfully attempts to hit on Jane, making her the only person in the elevator not guilty of repeatedly barking up the wrong tree.

The next day, Paul catches Ken at the coffee vendor, and Ken tells him Jane is a "genuine thrill." Paul, however, wants to know about Bertram's painting -- until Joan's voice cuts in; "What about Mr. Cooper's painting?" Ken doesn't waste time hemming and hawing, instead running immediately for the hills, so Jane grabs Paul by the arm and says that she heard he, Ken, and Jane were in Bertram's office the night before. Hmm -- maybe Harry did in fact escape attention by taking the stairs, but I wonder how Sal got off scot-free. Maybe it was Lois who gave the report -- that at least would be consistent with the barking up the wrong tree theme. Anyway, Paul denies that he was there, and Joan dismisses him with silky thanks.

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