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"I Love You, Ken… I Mean, 'Kitty'!"

Harry comes in for his much-anticipated meeting with Bertram, who starts talking about media purchases, but Harry's distracted by the painting, and Bertram tells him to focus. "We didn't make you Head of Television just to shorten your attention span!" Heh, nice. Harry apologizes, but says he was drawn to the painting, and eventually asks Bertram what he thinks of Rothko. Bertram takes a long moment. "Nobody has ever asked me that." Bertram giveth... "Probably because it's none of their business." ...and Bertram taketh away. Harry's chastened, but Bertram softens enough to ask him what he thinks. Harry confesses he knows nothing about art, and Bertram tells him he's there because of numbers, and counsels him to stick to that arena. However, with a note of slyness, he adds, "People buy things to realize their aspirations. It's the foundation of our business. But between you and me and the lamppost, that thing should double in value by next Christmas." Harry catches Bertram's drift with a grin, and they get back to work. If Bertram weren't a little old for it, I'd wonder if he went on to invent eBay.

Betty's fixing Sally's hair when the phone rings, and she answers to find it's Jimmy, who calls her "the belle of the Hudson River Valley." She greets him warmly enough and tells him Don's at the office, but he informs her that ABC gave Grin And Barrett a thirty-nine episode commitment. Sometimes you don't need the set design and wardrobe to remind you that this was a different era. Betty congratulates him, and Jimmy tells her they're having a "shindig" Monday night at The Stork Club, and since he didn't hear back from Don, he's wondering if she's the one that "book[s] the dance card." Betty smiles and says she'll talk to Don about it, but Jimmy needs more, saying she can't leave him alone with "those people." He suggests she ride a horse in like Lady Godiva, and Betty, although she laughs, is familiar enough with the reference that she thinks it's a good time to end the conversation. Jimmy drops the act and tells her it would mean a lot to him if she were to come, and Betty gives the appropriate response: "We will try." As she hangs up, however, she calls him "Jimmy" instead of "Mr. Barrett," so he managed to score a point after all.

Duck comes in to tell Don that they got the Martinson account, and they congratulate each other's work in a sincerely warm manner. The mood is ruined, however, when Jane comes in and tells Don that Bertram wants to speak with him -- just him. Everyone tries to ignore the awkward, but after Don leaves, Jane has the presence of mind not to leave Duck alone with Don's rye. She must have watched last week's episode.

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