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"I Love You, Ken… I Mean, 'Kitty'!"

The Cadillac is parked with the radio playing, and we see it's near its owners, who are having a picnic. Don lazily wonders where Bobby is, and then asks Sally if she'd really rather play checkers than "my look at the clouds game." If I weren't old enough to smoke pot, I admit I'd feel the same way. Sally tells Don what she'd really rather do is play with Silly Putty, but Don tells her he doesn't want it in the car. Betty bails on the checkers game in order to lie against Don, but Bobby tries to ruin the mood by rushing up and doing a pee-pee dance. Don tells him to go behind a tree, as no one's looking. Okay, but be sure to tell him this is a one-time thing. You don't want him killing your rosebushes. Sally says she wants to "tinkle outside," prompting Don to tell her that when he was a boy on the farm, they had an outhouse that was way out in the yard, and on nights when there was no moon to see by, they had to feel their way out there using a rope. Now that's a time I could see going behind a tree. Sally laughs that she's glad they don't live in "the olden days," and then asks if they're rich. Betty, after a glance at Don, says it's not polite to talk about money, although her point is slightly stepped on when Bobby runs up and rejoices at his success in marking the nearby foliage. Don takes this as their cue to leave, but not before he chucks his empty beer can away and they leave a bunch of garbage on the grass. Don, give a hoot. Don't be an asshole.

So now that dinner's been cleared away, we can get to the Un!Comfortable! part of the evening, and without delving too deeply into the specifics, let's just say that while Kitty tries a couple times to involve herself in the conversation, Sal is looking at Ken like he's the quarterback of the football team and the best talent in the drama club rolled into one. Much as someone with those typically dichotomous abilities might feel, Ken is uncomfortable, and tries to head out. Sal stalls him with a smoke, but only for a moment, and Ken leaves, saying that it's okay for Kitty to read the story. Once Ken's gone, Kitty points out how insular Sal was being with all the shop talk. "Do you even see me here?" Well, I'd wager he's going to great lengths to block out certain parts of you. She's deeply hurt, and he apologizes, seemingly genuinely. With an effort, she lets it go, and he offers to clean up from dinner so she can put her feet up. She still doesn't look thrilled, but accepts the offer, because if you're going to marry a gay guy, you might as well wait until he's done the dishes to really call him out. As he clears up, though, Sal finds a lighter that Ken left behind. I'm not a hundred percent clear on the secret codes that existed back then, but I'm pretty sure that means they're supposed to meet down by the docks at midnight.

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