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The Short Goodbye

Cut to Pryce and Don guffawing at a comedy club. The comedian, who should get a non-bowlhead haircut if he wants to throw stones, finishes up a masturbation bit before singling Don and Pryce out as a couple and makes some tired jokes at their expense, prompting Pryce to shout gleefully: "We're not homosexuals! We're divorced!" Hee. Just then, however, Don's regular slap-girl "Candace" and her friend "Janine" turn up, and when the comedian sees this, he announces, "I guess I was wrong. You're not queers - you're rich." Damn straight, dude. Enjoy your hand. Don suggests they get out of there...

...and then they're at his apartment, wherein Candace is poking around in the kitchen, complaining that there are no mixers and no food. Janine, however, opines that the place is very manly, and Don tells her it came that way. "I think Norman Mailer shot a deer over there." Heh. Pryce smirks, and when Candace calls Janine in to help her, Pryce eagerly notes that Candace seems to know her way around his place, and asks what that's like. Don reminds him he doesn't want to give advice, and then Janine returns with drinks and suggests Pryce show her around. Pryce: "I suppose I am a bit curious myself." Hee. Don directs him where to go, and once inside a bedroom, Pryce and Janine waste no time getting started. I mean, he takes off his glasses and loosens his tie here. I'm surprised they could show it on basic cable. Back in the living room, Candace asks what happened to Acapulco, and instead of answering, Don, referring to Janine's bimbosity, playfully opines there's no way she goes to Barnard. Busted, Candace smiles that buttoned-up guys such as Pryce like women like Janine, and I'd say that may be true as long as they're not in charge of ordering flowers for them. Candace then suggests they go into the other bedroom, but Don wants to stay out there. His place, his rules, I guess, but won't that be a little awkward if Pryce has to use the can and finds Candace slapping the shit out of Don? Especially if that ends up giving him ideas?

Well, it's a moot point now that it's the next morning, I guess. Pryce emerges, fully dressed and not a hair out of place, as you'd expect from an Englishman. He asks for a glass of water, and while Don goes to get it, declares that he should at least pay for his girl. Don says she cost twenty-five, and Pryce throws in an extra five, suggesting he did not have a bad time at all. Then again, compared to his wife, an appendectomy would seem like a thrill. Pryce says he should go and grabs his hat, but takes a moment to thank Don for the "welcome distraction." When he's gone, Don proceeds to rip off the bedclothes and collapse onto the bed Pryce was using, and I didn't get this on first viewing but I think Don put Pryce in his bedroom, and I'm guessing he didn't use the other one because that's where his kids sleep when they come to visit. But my speculation and his hangover aside...

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