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The Dark Side Of The Closet

Back at Midge's, Don tears off the Polaroid of Midge and Roy and regards it appraisingly, and tells the two of them that he realizes they're in love. Midge offhandedly denies that, but Don presses the idea, and despite Roy's assertion that love is "bourgeois," Don's point seems to be taken. Fez boringly blathers on about Don's career in a derisive manner, and Don responds, "My God. Stop talking." See what I mean about his command of making a point tersely? Don tells Fez to make something of himself, which gets Roy's back up; he reiterates the point he made two episodes ago that Don traffics in lies, but Don tells him that there is no big lie, because the universe is indifferent. Way to be a buzzkill, Don, and that word is far more literal than usual in this case. Don commands Midge to come with him to Paris, but she regretfully says she can't, and this is a fascinating scene, because for as liberated as Midge seems, this is demonstrating that she's actually the one who's unable to let go of her attachments. As if to prove that point, Don hands over his bonus check and tells Midge to buy herself a car, and she looks chagrined to realize that she's the one in the relationship who's tied down. She tries to get him not to leave, and Roy backs her up by pointing out the presence of the cops, saying Don can't go out there. Don: "You can't." He swaggers out, and I don't know for sure is this is the last we'll see of Midge, but if it is, that is one sweet breakup performance by Don. Outside, the wife-beater (wearing a wifebeater; nice touch) is led away as Don blithely greets one of the officers.

Don arrives home and heads upstairs. Cut to his son Bobby sleeping; Don wakes him up and tells him to ask him anything. Bobby asks why ladybugs light up, and Don closes his eyes in frustration. Well, Don, even adults are kind of stupid when you wake them up from a sound sleep. Or at least that's what my own experience leads me to believe. Don tells Bobby that he'll never lie to him, which seems to imply that his dad wasn't truthful with him. But we'll soon find out, as after they embrace, we head into one more flashback...

...wherein Hobo, apparently having done his designated work, is saying his goodbyes and thanking Archie for opening up his home. Archie reaches in his pocket, but only pulls out a cigarette, rather than the promised payment. Hobo is like, "awkward," and then Archie shoos him on his way. Hobo's face falls, but he obeys; Jack runs after him, but he's already hightailing it away. Jack then looks on the fence, which, carved into it, has the "dishonest man" mark on it. Not sure why Hobo didn't take heed of this before he stopped by, but I don't want to interfere with the episode's point or anything. Dick looks at his dad in a new light...

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