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The Dark Side Of The Closet

...and then we cut to Don, who's still asleep (it looks to be early morning) next to his son. I'm sure Betty would have been pissed about yet another lonely night, were it not for her absence from the episode and all.

A small clock reads about 7:12 or so; Peggy comes into the office and hopefully looks for Pete (WHY?) but he's not there. She forlornly goes to her desk. Later, the laughing boys come in, and Pete heads into his office without sparing a glance Peggy's way. Sometime later, Don comes in; after he closes the door to his office, we focus in on his name on the door, as if to tell us that he's finally cast off everything he used to be. As if to purposely confuse me, though, a twangy song about "that old-time religion" plays jauntily over the closing credits. Okay, episode! I don't care what religion Don may have been! Uncle! See you next time!

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Mad Men




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