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Later, as the two of them are finishing putting themselves back together, Pete confesses that he never read Peggy's copy, and she's actually relieved, as she assumed he wasn't saying anything because he didn't like it. Pete then sits her down, and they make out a little more before Peggy asks him if he thinks about her. He confesses that he has a few times, as she's only twenty yards away. Peggy: "Not right now." Careful, girl. That blouse has enough problems as it is. Pete tells Peggy that when he wakes up and looks into Trudy's eyes, he thinks they're supposed to be one person, the implication being that that's not the case. Which is good to hear, because Trudy doesn't strike me as a couch slut. He goes on that Trudy's just another stranger, but Peggy stands and says he's not alone in this. Not with Peggy and each of her gi-NORMOUS breasts to keep him company, he isn't. He gives her an appraising look, and then she starts to go, but thinks fast and grabs a folder to make it look like she was there on business. It probably won't fool anyone with either sharp eyes or a keen sense of smell, but it's certainly worth a try. As she opens the door, Pete playfully whispers that he's sorry he ripped her blouse, but Peggy tells him it's okay, and being a sighted person, I'm going to have to agree.

There's a new girl working the switchboard, and she's happily listening in on a conversation in Italian between a guy and his mother. Luckily, the show provides subtitles, because I'd hate to have to pretend I remember much more of my college Italian than "mi dispiace," although you have to admit that's a good expression to hold onto, especially in this job. Anyway, the conversation is unremarkable, but that doesn't stop the new girl from wetting herself at the "Ciao, ciao!" signoff. Just to get it done with, the guy is Salvatore, and "he talks to his mother a lot." So what is the Italian for "confirmed bachelor"? Joan comes in with some pastries, and waves off the women's offer to reimburse her, but she does say that Roger's wife will be calling before lunchtime, and they should put the call directly through to her. Hmm. We barely have time to file that one away for future reference before New Girl asks Joan about Salvatore, and Joan, without irony, says he's handsome and "very debonair," and wears a nice cologne that's probably European. One of the hardened women appreciatively notes how specific Joan is. Joan: "You have voices. I have other things." Heh.

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