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The Dark Side Of The Closet

The boys, minus Don, are now in Pete's office; after Pete makes a thinly-veiled derogatory comment about his wife, Peggy enters, looking for Hildy, and Ken sincerely congratulates her again. Harry says that she can trust Ken's opinion, since he's a published author, and if Ken's experience is any indication, Peggy, you can look forward to these guys never letting your success go. Harry adds that Ken can't write copy, prompting Ken to say he hates puns and then keel over, or at least on my screen, being that he's now dead to me. Dead Ken asks Peggy if she's going to celebrate, and Peggy, without taking her eyes off Pete, tells them about the after-work plan, but Paul counters that Bertram, Roger, and Don are all out of the office now, and they should therefore bump up the timetable to three. Pete tries to beg off, laughably saying that he's in charge with those guys gone, but Paul dismissively calls him "Speaker Of The House," and says Pete will be there. Pete still isn't sold, but eventually caves. Outside, when no one's looking, Peggy does a cute little skip of joy. Aw!

Lois rings Salvatore and fakes having a phone call for him; she then tells him it disconnected, and Salvatore's amused smile reveals that he knows what's going on. I'd certainly hope so, given that even my dog rolled his eyes at how transparent that ruse was. Lois tells Salvatore how everyone's talking about how great his artwork was, and invites Salvatore to the drinks he's already going to. Salvatore says he'll be there, and then looks pensively at his phone once they disconnect.

Don knocks on Midge's door, and is surprised when a nerdy-looking guy wearing a fez answers with a "Can I help you, sir?" However, Fez is quickly joined by our favorite beatnik Roy, who remembers Don and lets him in. Inside, we get a closeup on Midge putting a record on her phonograph; she mildly makes a comment about calling first, and then he plants one on her, evincing applause from the randoms scattered around the room. He tells her to pack a bag, as they're going to Paris, and shows her the check as evidence of his seriousness, but she begs off, saying she has a special night planned. Well, sure. When you're going to smoke pot with smelly people you've toked with a hundred times before, what hope does the boring old City of Lights have of competing? Roy asks if Don is staying, and Midge says he has to. The randoms draw the blinds as Roy explains that they're "going to get high and listen to Miles." Don: "That's your plan." Leave it to the ad man to sum up what I'm thinking so succinctly. Anyway, semi-lewd comments about Don follow, with Midge's blonde friend looking like she's in for a piece...

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