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The Dark Side Of The Closet

...but later, it's a stoned Don, Midge, and Roy (...button your shirt, dude) lying on the same couch. Midge asks if Don likes the stuff, and Don replies, "I feel like Dorothy. Everything just turned to color." It's a testament to Don's virility that that comment doesn't make him seem the slightest bit gay. Roy, seemingly sincerely, says that Don is good with the words, and Don smokes some more before heading to the bathroom. Inside, he looks in the mirror...

...and is thrown into a flashback; he and what will turn out to be his dad and Adam's future mother ("Abigail" is her name, according to the AMC site) are doing various chores outside on the farm. A long shot pulls back to reveal part of a man standing watching; Abigail notices him, and when she approaches, the guy, a drifter (oh, all right, "Hobo," it's shorter, and this guy's totally another H!ITG! ["Ryan Chappelle and Father Phil, for starters. -- Joe R]) greets her; presumably referring to the Depression, he says that he knows everyone has it hard at the moment, but he'd work for a meal if they can spare it. Dick's dad ("Archie Whitman" is his name, apparently) tells him, "We're not Christians around here no more." I'm going to assume he's being metaphorical, referring to a Christian mindset of charity, because it's easier than trying to parse who prays at the church of what at this point. Abigail is an easier sell, though, as she says the guy can stay and eat with them, and he'll work the next day. She then tells him she'll have to boil his clothes, to which he unsurprisingly is relieved and not offended, before yelling at Dick to stop digging holes, and to build a fire under the cauldron instead. Wow, he can make fire? If only they'd had Survivor back in his day! Hobo waves to Dick, who backs off like he's the undead, and then remarks that Dick reminds him of himself. Thanks for stating that explicitly, because the rest of the episode really does not make that point at all. Dick's stepmom says that doesn't surprise her at all. So, young Dick gets lice in his clothes too?

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