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The Dark Side Of The Closet

Cut to the group at the dinner table, where Ma is just finishing up saying grace. When she's finished, the hobo thanks her profusely, and she's impressed with his manners, although Dick's dad is curt and crusty about it, even, when Hobo mentions he's from New York, saying that's why he "took to being on the bum" so easily. It's too bad this is a period piece, because this would be the perfect time for a Jean Stapleton-like "Oh, Awwwwchie!" Talk turns to farm work, with Hobo confessing he's not an expert but saying he's got experience with hard work in general, and then, at Ma's question, saying he's not a Communist. After some general agreement that Communists are bad news (and with Abigail sounding kind of religious-nutty about the whole thing), Abigail says her mother told her that life is like a horseshoe. "It's fat in the middle, open on both ends, and hard all the way through." That doesn't sound as fun as a box of chocolates. Ma gets a coin (a dollar, I think, which is quite a bit, given the times) and puts it in front of Hobo, but Archie takes it away and says he'll get it when he's finished some work. Dick watches all this attentively, and then everyone starts to eat in earnest...

...and then we're back in the bathroom, with Don looking in the mirror and realizing that pot gives you flashbacks in some wicked detail.

Presumably in the lounge of the Roosevelt, Salvatore finds the Mitchum Man (we don't get his name for a while, so that seems as good a choice as any), who's happy to see him; they make subtle comments about the architecture and Mitchum Man's attire before Mitchum Man (he's MM from here on out) says he's normally a homebody (and implies that he's married with kids), but when he comes to New York, his heart pounds. Make your own joke about other types of pounding here. Salvatore muses that he takes New York for granted, and MM waxes poetic about how wonderful it is. After a stalled moment involving 42nd Street, MM says he's got to eat something, and references his expense account by way of offering to take Salvatore to dinner. Salvatore regards MM somewhat warily. Just don't get the oysters and you'll be fine.

At P.J. O'Hanley's, pretty much everyone else is in attendance, and Peggy is dancing with Freddy. Joan tells Lois that while Peggy may have something upstairs, at Sterling Cooper, things are usually happening downstairs. Lois, hilariously bemusedly: "I didn't know that." Now you do! After Lois notes that Salvatore isn't there, she claims to have had too much to drink, and Joan observes with mild disdain, "You are very petite." As if to emphasize her point, she goes to dance with Paul and shakes things in a way that emphasizes her ample assets. Poor Lois, although I suppose you could argue that if you're trying to hook a gay man, huge breasts aren't necessarily your best friend. Elsewhere, Pete balefully watches Peggy celebrate. It has been quite a long day already, no? Chubby Checker's "The Twist" comes on, causing all the women to squeal excitedly, and no one's having a better time than Peggy until she sees Pete sitting all by his lonesome with a look that could hose down weasels in heat. Peggy commits a miscue when she shakes her way over to Pete and asks him to dance, allowing him to coldly tell her, "I don't like you like this." Dude, you're the one that ripped her blouse! Peggy looks like she's been stabbed as she stares at him and then walks away almost in disbelief, and Pete takes the opportunity to beat a hasty retreat as Peggy tries in vain to hold back a few tears. Honey, the guy is a douche! You and your huge rack can do so much better!

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