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Bud and Dot are already elbow-deep in papers when Pete shows up, and Dot immediately lights into him for missing dinner and letting Bud do all the work, sarcastically thanking him for at least showing up to sign his name. Pete: "Yes, well. Anything I can do." Hee. Pete's blasé reaction to her hostility, and also the fact that we've met her before, suggest this is par for the course, but today there's a specific reason she's being absolutely horrible: Bud blabbed about the adoption idea, a betrayal for which Pete stares daggers at him, and she wants to warn him that going through with it could result in the loss of his inheritance. While Pete knows that the last laugh on that topic, mirthless as it may be, is his, he holds that back for the moment, instead trying to cut off further discussion. Dot, however, blithely goes on that while adoption may be good for some, "you're pulling from the discards," and that's how his father felt as well. While it may be a logical impossibility to prove that that's the most ill-advised thing she could have said, I'd at least be willing to advance it as a postulate. Pete looks her right in the eye and tells her that her husband spent all their money. "Spent it with strangers. All of it." This looks like a genuine surprise to Dot, who, despite Bud suggesting Pete take off and Pete agreeing, asks Bud what her "fiduciary state" is. Bud informs her that they had to liquidate some holdings to ensure her future comfort, which elicits rich-person panic the likes of which I haven't seen since roughly yesterday. Pete leaves with a satisfied smile.

Betty and Don retire to their room, and as they disrobe it should be clear even to the blind and deaf that there is no way Don is getting in that bed, so he takes a blanket and pillow and his rightful place on the floor. Later, though, he's surprised when Betty crawls on top of him, and they have sex without a word. It's not that hard to believe, given her vulnerability both from her father's situation and the fact they're in the place that probably makes her feel least like an adult, but while Don's probably pretty optimistic about this development, you'll notice she still didn't let him in the bed...

...nor does she wait for him in the morning, as when he awakes, she's already gone. Her ability to make it seem like the night before never happened makes me wonder if she's secretly been hanging out with Peggy.

Downstairs, Betty's being upbraided for smoking so much when Don appears and wishes everyone good morning, followed presently by William and Judy, the latter of whom is holding the ceramic jardinière that Betty was on about earlier. Judy says she feels terrible and didn't know Ruth had promised the rather hideous thing to Betty, and Betty, graciously enough, tells her it's fine and that she wishes William hadn't brought it up with her before asking if "Viola" is coming that day. Gloria assures Betty that there's no chance Viola would miss her, and then Gene slides his hand up onto Betty's boob and suggests they go upstairs. I'd suggest she fine him ten bucks if there weren't serious danger of that being misconstrued. Gloria yells Gene's name sharply, but then again tries to smile that everything is okay -- Gene's just so "mixed up." William tells his dad that he has to go back to the doctor, but Gloria tightly cuts in that she's already made an appointment for Monday. Don looks concerned, but Betty has to show her ability to pretend like nothing's wrong is equal to Gloria's, so she sits back down and asks what her father would like to do that day. He suggests going into town, which Gloria thinks is a capital idea. Don, however, is still worried enough to put a sympathetic hand on Betty's back. She doesn't pull away, but whether it's because she needs him or that she can't let her family see that she doesn't is for you to decide.

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