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European Gay-cation

Don apparently slept on the couch, although it's not clear if he even had company, much less what gender that company was. As we hear the kids playing in the pool, Don gets a number out of his wallet, picks up the phone, and dials long-distance. When the other party answers, he opens with, "It's Dick Whitman." I hope this means that scene in the car dealership is finally going to pay off, because I can't think of anyone else to whom he'd use that name, and also it's KILLING ME. I wonder if this is also the person he sent the book to way back in the first episode? That hasn't paid off yet either, and the part about being himself again applies to the seeming reemergence of Dick Whitman. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense -- Dick took over Don's identity to escape from his family. Now that that family is dead, though, he's doing the reverse to escape from the new one. Anyway, Don says he'd love to come see the person, and writes down the address in the copy of Joy's book (which does suggest that she slept there with him). He tells whoever it is that he'll be there soon, hangs up, and rips the page out. We get a quick view of it before he folds it up (can't make anything out, unfortunately), and then we pull back in a mirror image of the shot they use for the Mad Men logo, which, hearkening back to that split image of him a few episodes ago, suggests that he's now living the exact opposite of his old life. "What'll I Do" fittingly pipes up as a delivery man leaves Don's recovered suitcase on the doorstep of the Draper house, bringing Betty's dream to reality, and we go to closing credits.

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