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European Gay-cation

Later, Don has managed to secure some slightly more casual clothes, and when he appears in the bar, he sees a woman who from the back looks a lot like Betty. Intrigued, he approaches, but of course it's not her, as we see when she and her friend choose that moment to get up and leave without even a glance his way. I think maybe it's time to stick with brunettes, Don, because blondes do not seem to be your friend lately. Don orders his usual Old Fashioned, and then a silvery guy with a European accent of indeterminate origin approaches and tells Don, "My friends and I have been speculating about you." I've used that line, but I think I would have been reticent to do so in 1962, Smeeth's openness notwithstanding. The guy, however, says they wondered who he is and what he does, and, not put off by Don's brusque "Why?" asks if he's an actor. Well, not by trade, at least. After confirming that Don is neither an actor nor an astronaut, he motions to a young woman and her older companion and tells him the former would like to meet him, "only if you are none of these things." Heh. He introduces himself as a Viscount, "Willy," and then the young woman as "Joy," and her "friend," who gravitates to Willy's side, as "Rocci." Joy, who's considerably younger than the other two and also speaks without an accent, tells Don she saw him by the pool and thought he looked comfortable alone, so she wondered if he's expecting someone. He tells her he is, and politely declines Willy's invitation for him to dine with them. Willy laughs: "That never happens!"

Pete then appears and introduces himself, wondering if he and Willy perhaps met in Newport. Willy's smile vanishes faster than Lehman Brothers, and he flees the Pete cooties with haste. Unlike Don declining dinner, that happens all the time. When they're gone, Pete complains that everyone in LA is late for everything (he just got there five seconds ago, so whatever) before brightening and saying he just saw Tony Curtis in the men's room. Don: "Handing out towels?" Nice one, but given what else is going on in the episode, I'd be more likely to guess cottaging. Don asks with whom they're dining, and Pete tells him some plastics salesman and "this interesting scientist" who sounds like he's working on genetic engineering. Don wonders if all their meetings are like this, and Pete responds, "It's American aviation and rocket time. It's no joke." Don looks over at where the jet-setters are sitting and wonders if Willy would consider it gauche if he were to beg for that invitation back.

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