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European Gay-cation

Speaking of chugging alcohol, Kurt shows up at Peggy's, having added a really snazzy blazer over his normal turtleneck, and they awkwardly sit on the couch and drink some wine until Peggy says that she hopes he wasn't embarrassed in the office. Kurt easily says it was fine, but Peggy presses on, saying that if he has a man he'd rather go with, she'll step aside. Aw. For someone who wouldn't even hold her own baby, Peggy's kind of a humanist. Kurt's confused, asking if Peggy doesn't want to go, but Peggy shows a visceral grasp of the fag/hag relationship by confessing that she doesn't know why she always picks the wrong boys, and asking what's wrong with her. He reaches out and plays with her hair as he tells her she's "old-style," and offers to "fix" her. She's equal parts curious and scared, and points out they should leave...

...but soon after, she's changed into a smock as Kurt sets up a high chair for her and tells her that Dylan always goes on late anyway. He has her sit, and when she balks, assures her he's very good. She gives in and asks for just a trim, but he immediately chops off her entire ponytail, much to her horror when she sees it. He assures her it's great, but the look on her face is like, "Is this going to make me a lesbian?"

At night, Don and Joy sit in the pool as she tells him they're heading to the Bahamas soon. Don, still not getting what these people are all about, asks why, but she replies, "It's what we do," before adding something about taxes and inviting him to go with her. He's resistant, still trying to find some common ground between their realities, but she tells him her father will take care of him. "He likes having you around. You're beautiful and you don't talk too much." Before Don can really consider whether he wants to be a trophy to an entire family, however, Christian (Buffy fans might recognize him as Dracula) shows up with two kids in tow. Joy introduces everyone, and then Christian asks if "Isabel" called, as he's sick of her attorneys. "These are my children. They should be with me." Well, if your only purpose on the show is to stir the thoughts of a main character, you might as well get to the point. Don offers the three of them the room he and Joy were staying in, and they withdraw. Joy smiles and speculates that Don doesn't want to sleep, but sex, despite his unusual affinity for it, seems to be the farthest thing from his mind. He takes a long look at his wine, like he's realizing he's drinking a glass of temptation...

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