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The ring-admiring is still going on, and Joan tells the gaggle of girls around her that red and green are her colors, so they're going to have a Christmas wedding. "He doesn't know that yet." Heh. One of the secretaries tells Joan she'd be happy to cover Don's desk for her, and Joan doesn't miss a beat as she replies, "You had your shot." Double heh. Joan then answers the phone and tells Don that Bobbie is on for him, and then closes the door and signals for the hen party to disperse...

...and inside, Don answers the phone to hear this: "Don, I want you to ask me how I am." At this point, I think he's already done enough research to have an informed opinion. She tells him that she and Jimmy sold Grin And Barrett, and they're going to make a pilot. He congratulates her, and she invites him to join her for a celebration. Don continues to baffle me by doing an uncharacteristic dance, asking why he would come and protesting that he's working. She suggests they call it a business meeting, but he says he doesn't want to "confuse this." Too late.

Don shows up to find Bobbie sitting alone at a table, and notes that there's not even a party. Bobbie sighs that Buddy Hackett told Jimmy that "[Jackie] Gleason" didn't have to make a pilot, so Jimmy went home to sulk, "and the rest went out to celebrate that they ruined his day." Heh. She doesn't have more than a few moments to complain about how Jimmy's bound to ruin the opportunity, however, before Don spies Rachel, entering in the company of a bookish man who seems a little older than she. There's nothing to do but for her to come over and say hello, and the change on Don's face isn't lost on Bobbie. Don and Rachel greet each other formally, but Rachel corrects Don that she's no longer Miss Menken, but Mrs. Katz. We learn that Menken's moved ad houses, not surprisingly, and on her way out, Rachel offers, "You two enjoy working together." Marriage certainly hasn't dulled her ability to size up a situation. Nor Bobbie's, for that matter, as she notes that it's gotten "a little cloudy" in there. Don denies that, so Bobbie lets it go, and after Don correctly calls what entrée she'd like, she mentions that she always pays when they go out, because if she leaves it to Jimmy, he ends up buying for people they don't even know. "He doesn't realize that being a big shot means you don't have to pay." Don disagrees, but Bobbie points out they're in different businesses. Well, honestly. I think I'd be horrified to see SC's business expenses even without the whores. Bobbie talks a bit about how she sold the pilot, leading Don to realize that she really does handle Jimmy's business. She replies, "This is America. Pick a job and then become the person that does it." Don agrees with this homespun wisdom, and Bobbie goes on that she realized a long time ago that she negotiates for everything. "It's touchy, because you're really telling somebody they're not worth what they think, but you can't hurt their feelings." Don proclaims his dislike of negotiating, prompting Bobbie to ask him what he does like. Good question. He tells her, somewhat soulfully, that the answer is huge, and she asks him if he likes the ocean. He does, so she tells him she has a little place in Stony Brook, right on the shore. "I want to have you on the beach. Feel the cold sand on my back. The surf pounding behind us." From the look on Don's face, I'm guessing From Here To Eternity is another of his likes.

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