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You May Not Like Pete...

And just like that, they're speeding out to do their own far boozier remake. Don seems much more drunk than we've seen him as he slurs that he likes movies, and they bond over La Notte, which possibly was supposed to be the film Don was watching a couple episodes ago. (Rights issues are so annoying.) Bobbie, probably thinking of Jimmy, asks why it's so hard just to enjoy things, and then says she feels "so good." Don looks at her: "I don't feel a thing." Yup, can't say I'm surprised. She slides close to him, and he starts to drift, until a car comes out of nowhere and Don has to swerve to avoid a head-on collision. We see the car lurch off the road and hear a crash...

...and then the car is on its side, with Don asking Bobbie if she's all right, and she somewhat groggily responding yes. Considering he was severely impaired and she, at least, wasn't wearing a seat belt, the mere fact of this conversation is a minor miracle.

Later, Don's in the police station, and the cop on duty says that although "your wife" claimed the whiskey in the car was hers, he did fail the sobriety test, and is at the legal limit -- .15 percent. I'm kind of torn about this, because on the one hand, that is an awful lot of alcohol to be flowing through one's system. Against that, however, is that this was a different time, and men like Don could reliably be counted on to suck down straight gasoline without turning a hair. Damn blood-pressure medication. Anyway, the fine is a hundred and fifty dollars, but Don only has just over sixty, so he tells the officer he'll mail him the rest. This, however, is the wrong tack to take with this guy, and he threatens to keep Don in jail. Don then tries offering to have an employee come out the next day with five hundred, but that approach fails as well. I guess it's safe to conclude that people who work the night shift are generally going to have less patience for games. Don, far too blithely, asks what the problem is, and the cop's voice gets sharper as he says that people's kids are out on that road. He hands Don the phone and tells him to call someone, and after a moment, Don looks up a number...

...and later, a female pair of legs enters the station, and we pan up to reveal...Peggy. Very nice. I've been waiting for Don and Peggy to reconnect in a meaningful way. She forks over a hundred and ten dollars, which is all she could get on such short notice. Bobbie then staggers out, which is good timing in that it gives Don some company in the looking like hell department.

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